8 Easy Ways To Turn Monday Morning Blues into Pinks

A long weekend, relaxing and calm from the office storms, has the ability to make you feel lazy about going to work again. There are some people who dread even at the thought of a Monday. The same alarm, the same meetings, presentations, e-mails, it can feel like entering the corporate hell again after a long getaway into the comfort of home and loved ones. If you are one of those people who dread even at the mere thought of a Monday, you definitely have ‘Monday morning blues’. Well, you may be satisfied to know that you are not alone in this suffering; around 70-75% of the workforce accompanies you in this dreaded feeling, according to an estimate. Many researchers say that half of the day on Mondays is wasted in simply getting into the mood for work.

You may laugh off about Monday morning blues with colleagues but it can cause some serious issues like depression or heart ailments. Monday mornings when dreaded can have negative effects on every aspect, your co-workers, your performance, and your productivity. You may also find yourself getting caught in thoughts about how to overcome these Monday blues.

Turn Monday Morning Blues into Pinks Easily

Dress and Look Good to Feel Good

easy ways to handle monday morning blues

We have already explained the importance of power dressing before. Even if you don’t dress like a celebrity or a politician, just wearing something that makes you feel good can change your Monday morning blues into pinks, literally.

Cut on Sunday Night Alcohol

easy ways to handle monday morning blues

Having a fresh morning without any hangover also helps a lot in lessening Monday blues. You can of course, tailor-make your lifestyle in a way that you can have alcohol without a Monday morning hangover (if you seriously want to have it only then).

Vent Out

Once in a blue moon, turning on your ‘gossipmonger mode’ is not a bad idea. If you are really feeling uneasy about things, call a friend or drop a long text expressing how things make you feel, how you don’t like some things about your co-workers, etc. Expressing everything that’s within can actually relive you, and you can thus step into the office with a calm mind even on Monday mornings.

Plan the Week

planning of week fo work

It is said that your Monday can set the tone for your upcoming week. If things are vague about Monday itself then certainly it is going to be a vague workweek. Try planning your Monday on Fridays itself so that you have a clear idea about what your plans are.

Get Ready Mentally and Physically

If having breakfast with family, gymming, exercising, or meditating can bring energy and happiness to you, start your Monday mornings by doing so. Not just Monday, start your everyday by doing things you love and it will set the right tone, a happy energized one for the whole day ahead.

Also, reading some inspiring things or listening to your favorite music can help you prepare for the day mentally. Experiment with different options to see what suits you best.

Live on the Weekdays too

Live on the Weekdays too

Don’t just live your life waiting for the weekends. Most of the stress comes from the fact the people tend to look forward to just weekends and not weekdays. Even out your life by making plans post work on weekdays also. When happiness and love will flow through the entire week it will make you feel less dreaded on a Monday. For example, having a movie night on a Wednesday will make you look forward to something except weekends. It will also help continue the excitement throughout the week.

Pamper Yourself

You don’t need just the weekend to indulge in some self-pampering. Pick up some flowers, coffee, or chocolate while on your way to office. Indulge in some online shopping during free time. In short, treat yourself so that you can feel good about yourself.

You can also carry some plants for your desk. A research from the Washington State University mentions that people working in the presence of some greenery (not a movie themed farm though!) report less stress and lower blood pressure levels compared to the ones working on plant-less desks.

Also, try taking short breaks throughout your 9-5 gig rather than just one long monotonous break.

Not Just a Passing Emotion

This cultural phenomenon called Monday morning blues is not just something to laugh about. It can trigger some serious issues if the level passes the warning sign. Moreover, it is obvious that if you really love your work, chances of Monday morning blues are very few. So even if after trying out every possible option you still feel dreaded going to work on Mondays, it may be a telltale sign signifying something. You may either be dissatisfied at work, unhappy with the workplace, co-workers, or culture or you may simply be working like a robot.

If that is the case look into the matter as soon as possible. Try changing your job or career if you think you are stuck at a place that makes you unhappy. Or if the corporate life does not make you happy at all, try pursuing your passion. Do it with proper planning and execution before leaving the corporate gig. Remember, whatever you do, make sure that it has the potential to make you happy and look forward to work, even on Mondays.

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