8 Office Ice breaker Activities & Games Your Team Will Love

Icebreaker activities make office connections better by loosening everyone up and making them comfortable with each other. The icebreaker activities are warm-up and exercises that teammates need to avoid any awkward cramps in office or meetings.

There is no particular format of icebreaker activity; they can be a casual game or activity that breaks the ice and gets the people talking and smiling. Some of the icebreaker activities that one can do are:

Office Ice Breaker Ideas & Ice Breaking Activities

Office Ice breaker Activities & Games

Ice breaker Activities

One-Word Icebreaker

The one-word icebreaker game enables a person to describe their present mood in one word. They can, however, explain their one-word mood descriptor if they wish to add more depth to the game. The game will surely bring out some of the cryptic answers that will keep other guessing and encoding them. 

Online Quiz Icebreaker

This is a fun and easy game that will help the team to know each other well. The team could send a fun icebreaker question each week to another like “What is the favorite TV show of all time”, or “In which store would need one max out their credit card if they had to?”. Every week, each team member would receive a quiz through email where they eventually have to guess who on the team replied which answer!

Foodie Icebreaker

Food is a great topic to break the ice among people. Everyone loves eating, and most people love talking about food. As such, it is a perfect opportunity to get away from the office setting and know each other well.  Break the ice by asking everyone about their favorite dish and what dish they would want to prepare for the team. You can also ask the recipe, preparation method, and any powerful memory that is associated with it.

Office Charades Icebreaker

Start an office meeting by playing a few rounds of charades where the workers can pick only office-related things. The process of the game is:

  • Pick a worker as a “presenter” to start the game.
  • Ask the presenter to decide an office item or activity. They can only announce the category after that.
  • After that, let the presenter explain the category using only gestures. Any word uttered would lead to immediate disqualification of the presenter.

Office Ice Breaker Games

Logo Love Icebreaker

In this game, the participants can choose a brand logo they like and identify with most and explain why. The process of the game is:

  • Let participants take name tags and pens.
  • Have them write their names and draw the logos that they love.
  • Let them share why they chose their logos.

Boss Q&A Icebreaker

Include the head of a department or project and give everyone a few minutes to ask any questions they have to the boss. This icebreaker would keep everyone on their edge, thinking about the office meeting to follow. It would ease any tense association the employees might have with their bosses and even clarify any issues.

Movie Pitch Icebreaker

Divide the people into groups and let each group come up with a movie they wish to create. Everyone should develop a short pitch within a fixed period of a few minutes and then have a virtual meeting where the attendees vote on which movie idea deserves to be made and deserve the funding for it. Though the winners won’t immediately be moved to the pre-production phase, they can get a healthy snack as their reward. 

Problem-Solution Icebreaker

Give each member a few minutes to pick out the most prominent problems they observe in the office and then let them dream up solutions. People can volunteer to highlight their ideas. Encourage creative thinking among the participants by declaring the room a safe zone, even when the boss or the head of a department is present in the room. This quick ice breaker activity will break the thickest of ice, and may also inspire some projects if a particular idea is excellent and resonates with everyone present there. 

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