8 Powerful Employee Recognition Ideas Your Staff Will Love

According to a Gallup survey in 2017, 65 percent of employees said they received no recognition for their work in the past 12 months. In the same report, 89 percent of employers said that most employees left their jobs in search of better pay, but most who left their jobs cited lack of employee recognition as a major concern.

This is a clear indication that a meaningful employee recognition culture that rewards employees is far more appreciated than any material bonus. The whole point behind any recognition gesture is to make employees feel valued.

Employee Recognition Ideas

According to Forbes, only 15% of employees worldwide are engaged in their jobs. Employees are a company’s most valued asset, and if they feel unappreciated, retention becomes a big problem for organizations.

So what are the practices that should be adopted to build a performance recognition culture?

Offices and organizations should have a benchmark for recognizing work performance.
Appreciation and recognition should be across the board for every area of operation. Give performance feedback constantly informally to push the boundaries. Provide opportunities for people to advance in their position.


Always use positive affirmations, and frequently, to convey that good work is appreciated and notices.

Provide opportunities

Not all job profiles are high visibility ones. A good company recognizes that every cog in the wheel has to perform at the optimum level to make a difference. See that the backend and lower in the hierarchy get equal opportunities to progress and showcase their talent and proficiency.
The name of the game is to provide opportunities for the development of talent and provide a learning curve.

Some workers don’t get the chance to excel because of the nature of their jobs or reduced expectations for certain types of work. Employees who do their jobs well should be able to earn opportunities for expanded responsibilities and training for job advancement.

Magnify recognition

Verbal recognition is good but make a point of publicizing employee accomplishments across multiple forums such as company newsletters, dashboards, and in-team meetings.

Provide privileges and perks

Recognition can be in the form of monetary reward, a pat on the back through social media, and team cheer.

Give a spot bonus, a token which can be in cash ranging from 50 to 500 dollars. Or it can even be a gift card or a dinner for two.

Extra time off, or a special parking privilege are other ideas. The more creative you are in giving perks, the more invested the employees get in outperforming themselves.


A good team leader keeps the motivation of the team-high. Involvement and ownership in the task foster productivity and development.

Give recognition to employee’s passions

If recognition is given to a philanthropic passion of an employee by contributions from the company or something similar for a cause or passion, then it shows the company notices an employee beyond the office environs.

Use gamification

Gamification strategies can be used to motivate teams and individuals to perform better and at the same time recognize their contribution to a task. A round-robin of task games can be introduced with a trophy or a perk.

Peer to peer recognition

Acknowledgment and recognition from colleagues and peers is a good affirmation tactic. It is highly satisfying and even fulfills the competitive spirit of people.

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