8 Signs You’re the Boss’s Favorite Employee

Office relationships can be a tricky business, especially the one between a boss and an employee. There are a few complexities involved given the fact that there are different kinds of people working in the same atmosphere.

As a fundamental human nature, people are bound to prefer or like someone more as compared to the others. As a result, there ought to be a countless number of factors that determine how much we are fond of someone or admire their talents.

Favouritism is well alive in any place of work and humans, despite their best intentions and efforts, tend to play favourites. This can be evident either in the form of subtle signs or, now and then, in quite distinct ways by a few employers. According to Lynn Taylor, an expert in national workplace, ‘there’s often a fine line between bosses who value an employee’s good work and want to empower the individual with more projects and the bosses who favour that employee to the disadvantage of others’. Lynn Taylor is also the writer of ‘Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant: How to Manage Childish Boss Behaviour and Thrive in Your Job’.

Favoritism At The Workplace

signs boss favorite employee at work

favoritism at the workplace

This behaviour of extreme favouritism can also lead to a point where it becomes problematic for both the employees and their team because of unnecessary hostile situations. It is also known to harm team morale and the quality of work. Additionally, this favourite employee being singled out with unique treatments results in an associated risk of not acquiring the much-needed team support and cooperation. As a result, the productivity of all the employees is at stake.

Signs of Favoritism at Work 

However, such kind of a situation can be avoided if timely measures are taken to make sure that it does not cross that fine line. Here, in this piece, we are about to highlight some signs that could help you figure out if you fall into the category of favourite employees.

You’re the first person they go to during a crisis

Your boss has a massive trust in your abilities if you are always the first on your boss’ radar for getting things done quickly or dealing with a crisis effortlessly.

You’re included in meetings more often

This sign shows that your boss has immense respect for your judgements and wisdom and knows well about your capabilities to make positive contributions. Your boss prefers your presence over your colleagues as they enjoy the company of people they develop an affinity to.

Your input is sought more

Bosses often ask for opinions from the employees they have trust on. If your boss often asks for your input in team projects and team meetings, this might be a clear sign that you’re the favourite.

You get the coveted projects

If you often feel like you’re getting the best opportunities and can’t lose them quickly, with new projects continually flowing towards you, it might be evident that you are the boss’s favourite. Bosses often assign more vital projects’ duties to the ones they think are talented employees.

Signs Your Boss Appreciates You

You’re invited for outstation trips and personal social events

Your boss is keen on sharing travel opportunities and gaining collective experiences with you. This displays profound respect for you and a commitment to furthering your professional development. If you’re a favourite, you may also notice that you are being invited to a lot of the boss’s family events.

You get exclusive freedom and perks

If you feel that you get more license to act a little like a peer than a subordinate and can work without being micromanaged, then you are your boss’s favourite. You may also find that your schedule has less scrutiny and you’re the first one to be offered perks like extra tickets to events, concerts and games. 

You’re offered inside scoops and personal information

If your boss takes the time to share essential business information and ask you to keep those to yourself mainly, they may consider you a trusted confidante. You may find yourself to be the only one with their personal or family details accessible with the significant role of an inner circle advisor.

Your boss is more agreeable to you and allows you to be candid

Another vital sign of you being your boss’s favourite is that you can be more upfront with them. They are much more open-minded to listen to constructive criticism from you as they respect your outlook. You can also observe that your boss is more patient, lenient and flexible with you, which makes you more at ease with taking smart risks at work. 

Thus, if you realize that you are overall treated better by your boss than your colleagues, it is most probably because you are their favourite!

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