8 Tips to Manage and Motivate Senior Employees

The workforce is a mix of the new and the old, new recruits and young managerial staff with the elder and senior employees who have been giving their all from years. As such, the Gen X people of an organization should learn ways to motivate and manage the poll of senior and older workforce.

The young and the old, both these generations have a different way of looking at things. To get a workplace running smoothly, both the generations need to understand how the other operates.

Tips to Motivate Employees

Handling the older workforce is not easy for the younger pool. As such, we share a few secrets that would help them to manage and bring out the best productivity from the older workforce.

motivate employee and manage senior employees

Tips to Motivate Employees

How To Motivating Employees

Don’t Make Assumptions       

Assuming the older pool to work their hard and give longer hours of work is a myth. This batch would be hard to train and would be apprehensive to adapt to new tools and methods of work. As such, it is essential to let them be, treat and respect them the way they are.

Remember the Age Difference

One cannot treat a 50+ employee in the same way they treat a 25-year-old. There is this huge age gap and so different will be the way of approach and confront. A worker at 50+ and a worker at 25 will have different goals and needs. It is essential to look at both groups differently and understand their ways.

Communication is the Key

The older pool wouldn’t be always aware of what you as a manager or an essential part of the organization expects of them. It is because of the difference in work structure, environment and various other factors in this age difference. As such, it is essential to communicate with them the expectations, goals and missions that you need them to fulfill. Always be about what you want to be done and the limitations of completion and success will be. 

Value Life Experience

The older pool of workforce has been around for many years, which means they have seen a lot and experienced substantially. Use their experience and understanding of the organization and work and learn from that. Encourage the younger team to learn from them. 

Train Them

Older workers are more in need of training as much as younger workers. They should be taught the newer technologies and work tools that have developed and are introduced in the workplace. Never believe that older workers can’t be trained. They are as receptive as the younger workforce. 

Security Needs

Older workers need more benefits and security aids in comparison to younger workers. They would need medical benefits, insurance benefits, and financial planning. Ensure that the company gives them the required benefits to get the best from them in return. 

Don’t “Be the Boss”

The older workers learned in a hierarchical society and understand that you are the boss. Most of these older people were bosses too. Never boss them, communicate with them and brief them about the requirements and policies of the organization. But, don’t boss them around. It is essential to be a leader than the boss! 

Be Flexible

The older pool of employees may need flexible hours or a shorter workweek. Understand their situation and use their skills according to their availability. Be willing to be always flexible for those who need a shorter workweek. Their talent and skill is more important than their being at the office nine hours a day. However, don’t assume that all older employees want to go home early. Some may be willing to work the same long, hard hours like before.

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