A 5-Step Employee Onboarding Checklist

Employee onboarding is essential for introducing new employees to their roles and responsibilities, new coworkers, and the company culture. It can be used as an excellent opportunity to create a lasting impression on new employees, promote loyalty towards the organization, and help increase employee retention.

HR managers can help make this transition smoother by sticking to a flawless employee onboarding checklist. In this article, you’ll learn how to onboard new employees and come up with employee retention techniques and tricks.

Use a checklist

Create an employee onboarding checklist that covers everything per the organizational processes and that you have the onboarding activities nice and ready.

employee onboarding checklist


Ensure that the venue and tools needed during employee onboarding are accessible for the new employee. This must include emails, logins, access cards, etc.


One of the highlights of an employee onboarding process is orientation. Use this as an opportunity to let the employee learn more about the organization.


It is important for the new employee to feel welcomed in the workplace. Let the employee interact with their colleagues and find out how they fit in the company.


Use this as an opportunity to provide excellent training so the new employee excels in their role.   

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