A Case for Employee Engagement in Improving Work Culture

Employee happiness is crucial in any organization as happy employees are said to be more engaged in their work. When it comes to measuring happiness at work, one of the most overlooked aspects is employee engagement. Managers are responsible for increasing employee motivation levels, which benefits the company’s bottom line and its workers.

Here are a few data-driven ways to help you improve employee engagement. First, let’s walk through the benefits of increasing motivation. Engaged workers…

  • have a sense of ownership towards the company.
  • want to be a part of the company’s success story.
  • feel that their work is contributing to the overall goals of the company.

Here’s an important question: What can you do to increase employee engagement?

how to increase employee wellbeing at work


An organization’s training and development program can have a huge impact on overall employee engagement. This might not come as a surprise, but if your supervisor is happier at work, you’re more likely to be engaged yourself.

In order to improve employee engagement at work, you must start by coaching the company’s leadership. Think about the various ways in which people who have moved into leadership roles can influence their team.


Onboarding plays a vital role in connecting new employees with their daily tasks, goals, and the company’s overall vision and mission. When you’re planning the company’s onboarding program, be sure to include practices such as:

Involving senior management in onboarding presentations
Introducing peers that aren’t direct managers to guide new employees in their first month at work
Prioritizing induction with new employees’ peers


Employee wellness is crucial in helping employees bring engagement to work. An often overlooked aspect of wellness is employee engagement. Is your company encouraging employees to live a healthy lifestyle? Do your employees enjoy work-life balance? Are they comfortable with the office environment?

As for employee’s mental well-being, does your company culture create a welcoming work environment for new hires? Do you offer flextime? Can employees discuss problems openly with expectations of privacy?


An organization cannot expect to increase employee engagement without feedback. This means taking regular feedback from the team as well as giving feedback. Create a method where employees can provide feedback anonymously, and test the system to ensure it’s easily accessible to employees across all levels within the organization.

When you don’t listen to the employees you’re likely to amplify disengagement in the organization. A feedback method is based on the hope that the employee will be heard and their employees care about their wellbeing.

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