A Coworker I Work Closely With is Infuriatingly Incompetent. How Do I Report Him?

Incompetence can cause workplace conflict, and in many cases, it can escalate to a level where it starts affecting coworkers morale. Jane Harper is here to advise you on how to deal with a rude boss at work.

Hi Jane,

I’ll give you a bit of background. I work with a coworker who spends all day literally doing nothing but play Clash of Clans on his phone. “Joe” has taken it upon himself to go on random 20 minute walks through the block. He had two different managers in HR meetings because he accused them of bullying him anything they asked him for a report on the ‘work’ he was doing.

Whenever Joe and I are team up to work on a project, he acts like he knows everything. I’ve worked here for years, I have no qualms against people bringing in new ideas. My only criticism of him is that he tells me what to do and leaves on these so-called breaks to play Clash of Clans on his phone! There’s

He is a drain on my time. But I am also not sure how to proceed. I don’t like the idea of getting someone fired.

– Sincerely, I work with an incompetent coworker

Jane Harper
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