Accepting A Low Paying Job is Not A Taboo

Most of us work and toil hard for one ultimate goal – to earn a living. Who doesn’t want better pay? More often than not we can find ourselves daydreaming our dream salaries, and what not. Well, it may seem a bit shocking to you, but sometimes a low paying job is not a bad deal. Though, this is true in some situations only. At least, accepting it is not a taboo at all. Otherwise, by no means do we want to propagate that earning peanuts is okay or we should not thrive to advance in our careers monetarily. No! So, in what kind of situations does a low paying job does the justification? Let’s have a look-

Situations Where A Low Paying Job is Acceptable

When You Want to Save for Yourself and Not Taxes

When you are a high salaried person, most of the times you fall in a salary bracket that takes away a huge amount of your hard-earned money into taxes. So having a low paying job can really help you save more for yourself and give less towards taxes. This is a great situation for people who want to save for important causes rather than spend their money or give away in taxes.

When it’s the Door to Your Dream Job

Is there any company you have always dreamt of working for? It can also be Google and Facebook, because well, those are dream companies for millions around the world! We all aspire to do something or work for one particular person/company, at least for once in our lives. What if you get a job at the same place, but at a lower than desired salary and a different position? If you can, take up the job. At least you will be there, and you can learn, for the position you aspire to work on. Can there be any better opportunity to prove yourself for your desired position?

When the luck bells ring, do not ignore the call, even if it’s a low paying job.

Working Patterns

If you get a lower paying job but perks like work from your own comfort zone, flexible working hours and timings, would you ignore it? It might become a very lucrative offer to simply turn it off. Such kind of a job, even though it pays you a bit less, can save you from commutation, a corporate wardrobe, personality maintenance, and other such expenses.

Mental Happiness

Yes, those huge chunks of money can give you materialistic happiness like a good home, big cars, higher standard of living, etc. But then, where is the mental satisfaction lost? The cost of such great things and a higher salary job is mental stress, long working hours, deadlines, and more. Well, not always but in most of the cases.

Now imagine yourself have a lower salary but more family time, personal time, less pressures, and a stress-free life. It would be a simpler and yet a more satisfactory life for many of us around the world. Well if a lower paying job can give higher amounts of happiness, it is certainly not a bad option either.

Here, we can go on and on about the situations where a low paying job is actually a better option. But we will keep this list short and assure you that accepting a lower paying job is not a demotivation at all. In fact, if taken in the right attitude, it can work wonderfully as a motivation to reach higher. And to work harder towards your ultimate dream.

Anna Verasai
Anna Versai is a Team Writer at The HR Digest; she covers topics related to Recruitment, Workplace Culture, Interview Tips, Employee Benefits, HR News and HR Leadership. She also writes for Technowize, providing her views on the Upcoming Technology, Product Reviews, and the latest apps and softwares.

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