Ace the Client at a Business Lunch with Impressive Persuasive Skills

For an entrepreneur, trying to ace the client is a very crucial process for the progress of the company. Bringing in an important client can keep the company busy for months and is also beneficial on the financial front. Therefore it is essential to pitch the client to convince him that your company is efficient enough and will make the most of his money as well. Selecting an appropriate location for the pitch meeting gives the first impression to the client and influences his decision in a subtle manner. If the entrepreneur goes to the client’s office for the meeting, there are chances that the client will have the upper hand in the conversation. Usually, clients refuse to come down to the company’s office. At such a time, the best option is to invite the client for a business lunch and pitch one’s project there.

According to a theory at the Yale University back in the 60s, one who is exposed to the persuasive material during a meal is more likely to respond positively to it. There are various scientific researches which show that food plays a vital role in enhancing the process of decision making. Over the years, the concept of a business lunch is preferable as the presence of food or even any beverage like coffee or mild alcohol has a positive impact on the business deals.

Ace the Client at a Business Lunch

Also as the meeting is conducted outside the office, both the parties are comfortable in the casual ambiance and discuss their inhibitions in an open manner. Scientific research claims that consumption of alcohol enhances brain activities. This results in better self-control, regulation of harmony devoid of prejudice, and stronger group activities.

Ace the client

A business lunch is a great way to strike a pitch meeting with the client.

Ways to ace the client at a business lunch

Firstly, be very particular in the kind of place you select to host the business lunch. The restaurant must be a simple yet classy one. A junk food joint which is full of noise and other such disturbances is a strict no-no. Select a well-lit area so that you can observe the expressions of the client clearly. This is beneficial when one notices uncertainty in the behavior of the client and can assure him. Discussing business in a social environment turns out to be more persuasive than a meeting within the walls of a conference room.

To ace the client, be a warm host and offer the menu to him first. This makes him feel free to order whatever he wishes to have. If the client insists you to decide what to eat, avoid ordering food which causes a messy consumption. Also, dishes with extreme tastes are unadvisable. Accompany the meal with a soothing drink like wine. The entrepreneur must make sure that he treats the staff of the restaurant with respect and humility. This portrays the kind of person one is.

to strike a rapport with the client, indulge in casual conversation once in a while to make him feel comfortable. Try not to probe into his personal life. Strike a general conversation about the current affairs is a good way to share opinions. Share your working style with the client to make him understand how the two bodies will work in collaboration. Notably, ask him if he has any queries and clear them patiently. Being respectable and clear about the work style is a great way to ace the client.

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