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The customs, ideas and social behavior of a corporate body is very influential in their achievements. Irrespective of the established goals or policies, corporate culture supersedes, and pioneers every aspect of any success aimed by a company. This phenomenon has been demonstrated by Adobe and some other multinational companies whose cultural practices are responsible for their success heights and achievements at large.

The humble beginning of Adobe in John Warnock’s garage, 1982 has been suggested by many to be responsible for Adobe’s amiable cultural practices; a corporate culture that has earned Adobe numerous awards while also promoting outstanding sustainability. Evaluation of the company’s little beginning would explicate the desire of Adobe founders (John Warnock and Charles Geschke) as one aimed at leaving a historic contribution in visual communication and multimedia software development.

Organizational Culture – The Beginning

As the first company in the history of Silicon Valley with profits in its first year of existence (1982), Steve Jobs opt to buy Adobe for five million dollars, the same year it was established. But the founders were reluctant to give away their potentials, brand name or fail their investors; rather they sold more shares to Jobs which increased Adobe’s valuation in five folds.

The pair first focused on developing PostScript; the first international standard for computer printing before considering other services that include specialized printing software; office printing and copy-service business.

After recording encouraging success with PostScript, Adobe developed digital fonts released in a proprietary format (Type 1), and in the mid-1980s Adobe launched a vector-based program for drawing and a consumer software for Apple Macintosh, “illustrator.” The program popularized PostScript-enable laser printers as in-house font-development software.

Adobe success story

Adobe San Jose Headquarters

The flagship product of Adobe; Photoshop was introduced in 1989, which dominated the market immediately after it was released. And between 1991 and 2005, Adobe added a list of products to include the Portable Document Format (PDF), PageMaker, Contribute, ColdFusion, Captivate, Dreamweaver, Flex, Flash, FreeHand, Autorware, Director, HomeSite, JRun, Presenter, FlashPaper, Fireworks, and Acrobat Connect.

Currently, Adobe’s products include a list of eLearning software, Web-hosted services, Server software, Digital Marketing Management Software, Audio editing software, Web design programs, Graphic design software, video editing and visual effects, Formats, and Web-hosted services.

Operations of Adobe Systems

Adobe Systems, Inc. provides top class digital media and digital marketing solutions through its four segments. The segments are Digital Media, Print and Publishing, and Digital Marketing. Adobe’s Digital Media segment offers cloud and creative services where users download and install new versions of products. The Print and Publishing segment offer legacy services and products for technical document printing, high-end printing, eLearning solutions, and web application development. The Digital Marketing segment provides solutions in cross-channel campaign management, social marketing, analytics, media optimization, targeting, and digital experience management.

Adobe’s revenue grew from about $1 billion to $4 billion between 1999 and 2012. As a top American multinational computer software company, with a highly influential contribution in virtual communication and multimedia, 93% of the company’s current 17,000 employees love their workplace. And Adobe has revenue of 7.3 billion USD in 2017 operating in over 17 different countries.

Corporate Culture and Responsibilities

Adobe’s sense of responsibility towards its community and core values demonstrates the corporate culture that has established the enviable success in the computer software development industry. Let’s see what Adobe said in their corporate responsibilities which are focused on education, sustainability, and community.


“We support greater workforce diversity and inclusion by investing in the next generation of creative coders.”

The company’s broadened skill base which makes it competitive and innovative is derived from a cultural practice of diverse workforce. Hence, Adobe maintains high tolerance to race, gender, age, personal ability, religion, ethnicity and sexual orientations while delivering its workforce. And this tolerance is not only for individuals who have established themselves as icons or creative in their various fields, Adobe promotes the opportunity to develop the next stage of development, service, technology or version of the product by investing in potentials while also ensuring equity and fair chance to all. Having understood the number of issues and challenges that may be associated with workforce diversity, Adobe’s cultural practices support relevant policies and training necessary for the maintenance of the productivity needed.

Adobe Success Story

Adobe Headquarters Layers Cafe


“We foster a culture of conservation in our business, our people, our communities and our customers.”

Adobe averts all sources depletion in the workforce or resource through a corporate culture that preserves, protects, and renews all values and energy in its operations. This cultural practice is demonstrated by Adobe’s commitment to ensuring that all employees strike a work-life balance while serving the company through available shifts and generous incentives. Adobe’s provision for feedback channels and reliable staff support to customers while delivering all services through the various segments is a giant step to sustainability. A huge sincerity and integrity in Adobe’s services also promotes the life-cycle of all business associates and inspires more partnership goals.


 “We empower our people and partners to better our world.”

Business partners and associates are the major reason for every business success. This is highly recognized by Adobe, making the company embed a strong cultural practice that issues all partners the confidence and authority they need while doing business with the company. Adobe acknowledges the voice of every investor while allowing a full control of every investment made through the right policies.

In promoting the community for more productivity through creativity and the ability to connect business relatives with new ideas, Adobe empowers every staff member with endless opportunities to be innovative. The company empowers employees to explore new ideas while also understanding the chances of failing.

Other Observed Cultural practices

Adobe life

To buttress Adobe’s commitment in promoting the lifestyle and quality of corporate culture at the company, events and highlights of the company’s staff activities are regularly shared using hashtags, #AdobeLife and also published through a magazine. AdobeLife depicts the human side of the brand while integrating the employee’s personal life with the company.

Work hard play hard

Adobe employees are motivated to achieve outstanding productivity through flexible opportunities for integrating play with their hard work. Adobe places the need to have fun at the center of its corporate culture in a bid to ease the tension that may be induced by employee’s desire to meet up with deadlines or discharging job roles as recommended. The slogan is a motivational factor which fetches the quest to do more into the mind of all employees, having been assured there’s a deserving level of fun to complement every hard work given.

Adobe Success Story

Adobe Headquarters Wellness Center

Freedom and responsibility

Adobe systems do not give in to micromanaging or tracking of employees to ensure they are available during their working hours. Employees are trusted with the freedom to carry out their responsibilities following the challenges and innovative environment Adobe has already developed. Hence, discharging credible duties is a cultural practice observed by all the employees.

The success achieved by Adobe which is being admired by many organizations can be seen as a reflection of the company’s outstanding cultural practices. It’s a message to the growing companies to insist on solid corporate culture for any campaign to standout from average to brilliant.

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