Adopt Thought Diversity at Workplace for More Creative Outcomes

Diversity is always a hot topic of debate for creating different workplace strategies. The future of workplace diversity is round the corner and in reality it is not what you think, but is based on how you think. Yes, when we think about diversity all the factors like gender, race, and age comes to our mind. For years employers have believed that embracing such differences will help build a diversified workplace. Not only that, they also believe that it helps in increasing creative outcomes. Such beliefs are certainly true, but now some researchers of the Harvard University have found another aspect to workplace diversity. These researchers believe that diversity in thought process i.e., thought diversity at workplace is equally important. In fact, cognitively diverse teams can solve problems more efficiently, says.

thought diversity at workplace can increase creativity

The biggest factors that shape thoughts also lie in diversified cultures. Our backgrounds, age generations, cultures, differences, everything forms our thought processes. While some individuals become analytical experts, some turn out to be creative heads. Some people can carry out critical planning processes and some are on-the-go workaholics. According to Deloitte’s recent study, thought diversity at workplace can boost creative problem solving and innovation regarding your business, Business Insider reports. Deloitte believes that when such diversified thinkers conglomerate at workplace it can increase work efficiency and stir creativity and insight.

How Thought Diversity at Workplace Affects Working Styles

thought diversity at workplace

Thought diversity at workplace can affect the working style of individuals in various ways. Below mentioned are some working styles of different individuals based on various thought processes-


Some people are hardcore procrastinators and they tend to finish their work only to meet the given deadline. Such people are relaxed in their thought processes and believe that things will fall into place eventually.

Balanced Individuals

Some people are neither in a rush to finish work nor in the mood to delay it. They distribute their tasks evenly into a schedule and follow it accordingly. They don’t typically submit their work like an early bird but make sure to do it before the deadline.

Early Birds

These type of people are from the bunch of – ‘We are going to do it first’ mindset of individuals. They are always working round the clock to finish off tasks even before time. The early birds have a go-getter attitude. Rather than planning a schedule, they focus on completing tasks spontaneously, and as early as possible.

Focus on Tasks

This thought process includes two types of brains. One group is the type that can focus on just one chore at a time. While the other set prefers to multi-task as much as possible. There are different pros and cons of both ways of working. With a diversified amalgamation of both kinds of individuals the strength of each style can be utilized for optimum output.

Too Much of Nothing is Good

As mentions, this kind of diversities can either give great results or turn out to be a fiasco. Too much of anything is not good. Certainly thought diversity at workplace in huge amounts is also not good. Yes, effective and positive utilization of a diversified culture can be beneficial to the employer. But organizations need to keep in mind and draw a line regarding how much thought diversity is okay to empower their teams.

Adopting the strategy of hiring individuals based on thought diversity at workplace can be a good move. But before planning a strategy for a diversified culture based on thought processes, determine how much level of the same is apt for your company.

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