Why You Should (Always) Keep Your Resume Updated

If you are happy at your current job and have been in the same company for several years, there’s a great possibility that your resume is gathering (virtual) cobwebs! Oh, you’re not alone; a lot of us haven’t updated their resume in years. You might think why to keep your resume updated when you’re not even looking for a job.

keep your resume updated

Here are some reasons to always keep your resume updated even when you are not in the job search mode:

To pick up some side gig

If you want to get a part-time job or some freelance project, you may have to do some frequent resume updates. Doing this, if you get some opportunity, you can grab it right away, instead of worrying about updating your resume. Just imagine how painful it would be if you come across a great freelance project but you don’t have an updated resume or don’t even have a copy of your old one.

Remind yourself of your achievements and strengths

Your resume is not just a list jobs that you had and about your work history, it is a direct reflection of what you have accomplished along your career path. It includes what skills you have developed, what projects you have done, and the differences that you’ve made. Resume updates will provide you a clear idea about your journey and will help you in making short-term as well as long-term career goals.

It will help if a promotion comes up at your current company

Even when you are happy employed and would like to progress in the current organization and have no plans to leave or get a second job, keep your resume updated, so that it comes handy when you are ready to acquire a more senior position in the company. I know, I know your manager has a firsthand experience of your work and knows that you are a high achiever, but the decision makers may still require seeing all of it on paper.

It will help you in understanding yourself better

Your resume is not only about your accomplishments and strengths; it also shows what are your preferences, values, and passions. Every job role that you have ever taken reflects who you are. Looking at the timeline of jobs in a resume, you can know which jobs you loved and which ones you hated. You can analyze what kind of work environment you tend to like and whether you like to work independently or are a team player. Thus, you can know what has worked for you along your career and what hasn’t. By knowing that you can pick an organization that is best suited to you whenever you start job hunting again.

Be prepared for the worst

You cannot be sure what is coming in the future. Unless you are your own boss, you never know when someone pulls the rug from under. I’m not trying to frighten you or doubting your caliber, but, it’s better to be prepared if something goes wrong.

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