Some Of The Most Amazing And Unique Employee Benefits

unique employee benefits

When taking a job, employees consider much more than higher pay and good workplace culture. And now that employee perks are considered as good as salary, more and more candidates tend to lean towards the employer that

provides amazing and unique employee benefits.

If you want your company to attract better candidates, in spite of the lower/average pay, employee benefits are something that you should be providing to attract and retain top talent. Benefits also adjoin an added value to the whole compensation package, which results in more engaged, healthier and happier workforce.

So before you take that job offer or before you plan to revise the employee perks that your company provides, consider these unique employee benefits that are provided by some of the greatest companies, making them “The Best Place to Work”.

Paternity and maternity perks

Companies such as Netflix, Facebook, Spotify, and Pinterest offer various parental benefits. Netflix gives a full year of paid paternity and maternity leave to new parents. It also provides flexibility to parents to pick between working full-time or part-time. Facebook gives $4000 as “Baby Cash” to employees with a newborn. In addition to providing 6 months of paid parental leave, Spotify also pays for egg freezing and fertility assistance.

Paid Holidays

Airbnb provides its employees with an annual amount of $2000, which can be used to travel anywhere around the world, given that they stay at a place from Airbnb’s listing.

On the other hand, a law firm, Freeborn and Peters has this thing called “luggage party” in which every employee comes with their luggage to the office. Then 4 names are drawn and whoever will win the draw will be whisked away by a limo to the airport for a paid trip to Vegas!

Customized ones

There are certain unique employee benefits which are hard to generalize. Among them is PwC’s annual stipend of $1,200 for student loan debt reimbursement. Accenture covers gender reassignment for its employees, as a part of their commitment to LGBTQ rights and diversity. And then Google pays 50% of the salary of a deceased employee to their spouse/partner for 10 years.

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