Amazon is Hiring 3,000 Work-From-Home Workers in 18 States

Amazon revealed plans to hire 3,000 remote workers in 18 states earlier this month. On the March 4th, the company posted a job listing for customer service associates, which uncovered that the role pays $15 per hour, offers overtime pay and also covers for health care after 90 days of employment.

The work-from-home part-time role consists of between 20 and 29 hours per week, with the remote employees expected to work up to 60 hours a week when there is a customer need, says the job listing. Workers are also not expected to live in a zip code within 50 miles of Amazon customer service center.

Amazon’s offer is open to candidates living in 18 states: Oklahoma, Kansas, North Dakota, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Washington, Texas, Tennessee, South Dakota, New Mexico, Nebraska, Missouri, Mississippi, Louisiana, Iowa, Arkansas, Arizona, and Alabama.

Amazon Remote Jobs

Senior career specialist Brie Reynolds of FlexJobs, a remote job site, says Amazon’s 3,000 remote job offering is one of the highest hiring sprees of remote workers she has ever seen, in a statement to CNBC Make It. She continued that $15 an hour pay is at the highest end for all notable roles in customer service.

The offer is unique for this kind of work-from-home customer service role, says Reynolds, who also consider the health coverage as exceptional and the fact that the position offer opportunities for promotion.

Available Amazon Remote Jobs And Requirements

Aside from the residency requirement, applicants are required to hold a high school diploma or its equivalent and have access to a distraction-free workplace. While most of the Amazon work-from-home jobs are in customer service, the company also has remote openings for the positions of front-end engineer, security consultant, program manager, and technical account manager, according to FlexJobs.

The hiring process for all positions has already started and will continue until Amazon fills all the openings.

The role of customer service associate includes supporting Amazon customers via instant messenger, email and phone calls. Amazon also identified interest in workers with experience in a fast-moving environment, logical problem-solving skills, and customer service experience.

“A lot of different backgrounds could fit with this type of role, as long as you have a history of communicating and helping to solve problems and you feel like you’re able to work in fast-paced environment,” Reynolds says.

The openings are expected to last for many weeks, according to FlexJobs, which disclosed there are many other positions aside from those it mentioned.

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