An Expat Guide to Finding a Job in Japan

If you are an expat finding a job in Japan, you will be surprised by the opportunities. There are many job opportunities for foreigners, and you should check the relevant sites to search for these jobs. Job search in Japan does not require knowledge of the Japanese language, which is a significant advantage. 

At the same time, you can find a job in your industry field and that job can be very good if you want to gain new experiences and get new opportunities. Let’s see what kind of jobs you can get in Japan as an expat. 

finding a job Japanese labor market

How do we say “I need a job” in Japanese?

English Teacher Jobs in Japan

There are approximately 40,000 full-time English teachers in Japan right now. You will probably start with an entry-level position where you can earn around 220,000 – 250,000 yen. As you progress and as you gain more experience, you can start earning more. This is a good job for people who want to make progress in their careers and learn new things while finding a job. 

Hotel Staff Jobs in Japan

There are many hotels that search for staff all year long. You will find the hotels that look for staff that can speak basic Japanese and business English or above. The names of these positions are different and you will find the names like Hotel Staff, Front Staff, or International Reservations Consultant. You can advance in this career if you are ready to be flexible and adaptable to the new Japanese labor market

IT Jobs in Japan

There are more than 10,000 startups in Japan, and all of them are looking for staff. These startups bring innovations and these are very versatile and open to international workers. You can find a job in the IT industry if you know some Japanese and if you have the necessary IT skills. There are good expat jobs for all IT professionals, including data analysts, IT technicians, machine learning developers, software developers, and freelance workers. Everyone can find their place in this very popular industry in Japan. 

Sales Jobs in Japan

There are many companies in the Japanese labor market that are involved in sales activities. From large corporations to software companies and manufacturing companies, there are many job opportunities for work in Japanese sales companies. All these companies need qualified staff for establishing new connections with clients and there is also the need for creating new connections with the actual clients who can be more involved in the sales business. 

Translation Jobs in Japan

Most of the translation jobs in Japan do not require you to speak Japanese. The documents are already translated into English and your job is to translate them into your native language. This can be a full-time or part-time position and it could be a very interesting job. If you are coming from some European country, there might be job opportunities to translate the documents to your native language. Also, job search for Asian people can get them a translation job in Japan.  

Final Thoughts 

There are many more potential expat jobs that you can do in Japan. Some of them are apartment and housing jobs, accounting jobs, health care jobs, and many more. Almost all kinds of industries are in need of new people and you can use the opportunity for finding a job in Japan in some of the industries. 

If you are an expat, you should also learn how to write a resume and how to adequately apply for the positions. This is no different than the process in other countries, and you can be sure that a good resume and goodwill can make miracles in finding a new job in Japan as an expat. 

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