How to Answer The Most Hated Interview Questions of All Times

In today’s buyers’ market, job seekers are no less than customers. And at times, if the candidate is the perfect fit for the job, employers have to be a salesman to make him take that job. But, unfortunately, recruiters assume that all candidates are desperate to work with them and thus they ask terrible interview questions that most of the interviewees hate answering.

Well, here are some interview questions that interviewers should stop asking. And in case that doesn’t happen, we’ve mentioned the way in which these questions should be answered by job seekers.

Tell me something about yourself

Don’t take this question too literally. The interviewer doesn’t want to hear how you like to travel or how you struggled to reach this position. He just wants to hear some of the reasons to hire you. So while answering to this question, you can mention what relevant skills you have that will help you if you got the job. You can display some of your core competencies and be ready with a proof to validate each one of them.

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Your greatest weakness

Most of the interviewees tackle this question by mentioning some of the positive weaknesses but make sure that you don't do that. Everyone has some weakness, so portraying some of your strengths as weaknesses will display that either you are not aware of your weaknesses or you are not honest. So, mention some of the weaknesses, they can be irrelevant to your job profile, and also mention that you are working to improve in those areas. The employers just need to know that your weakness doesn’t become a liability for the company.

What have you been doing since your last position ended?

You can mention any of the projects that you worked on as a freelancer or you can say that you were actively interviewing to find a great opportunity. Because saying that you were watching re-runs of all the seasons of Game Of Thrones won’t sound good. Right? So let the hiring manager know that you were utilizing your time in crafting your resume, evaluating your skills, networking, and interviewing.

Are you interviewing with other companies?

Your answer to this question should be somewhat vague, so don’t end up naming all the companies that you are considering. If you are at the beginning of your search, let the employer know that you have just started the interview process, but if it’s been a while, you can say that you have interviewed with a few companies but haven’t found the right fit yet.

How many footballs can fit in this office? Or If you were an animal, which one would you be? Or any such question

First of all, when interviewers ask such interview questions, they don’t want an accurate answer. Instead, they want to know if you have some analytical and problem-solving skills. So when you come across such brain teaser, come up with an answer and the strategy behind the answer.

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