Apparently, Chief Eating Officers is a Thing now!

It is any food lover’s dream to get a job which pays to dine at the finest restaurants in the nation. Well, this phenomenon recently took place in the country of UK. A young woman has been appointed the Chief Eating Officer by a leading weight loss company. People from around the world envy her as this job is like a dream come true. One gets to travel all over the country and relish delicacies of popular restaurants in the nation.

The weight loss company, Weight Watchers hired a 25-year-old woman, Sophie Hardy as their chief eating officer. She is also the UK’s first chief eating officer, possible the world’s first as well. Her job profile contains the task of dining at the finest restaurants of UK in order to prove that one can maintain a healthy diet without sacrificing on his social life.

How is a Chief Eating Officer beneficial

A research recently conducted by the company shows that over a quarter of the British population avoid a social situation in order to maintain their healthy diet. This is in accordance with the fact that usually social functions are held at eatery joints due to which people have to avoid such occasions. This happens because one is tempted to cheat on his diet while visiting such places. Therefore, Weight Watchers has found a solution in which one can indulge in social activities without compromising on his health. Recruitment of the chief eating officer is the first step towards it.

According to the research, 71 percent of British believe that fad dieting has made socializing difficult for them. Especially for the people aged between 25 and 34, they struggle to maintain their social life along with their healthy diet. In order to do so, Hardy will visit various restaurants from across the nation. She will dine out twice a week to test the restaurant menus which provide tasty as well as healthy food preparations. On the basis of her research, those restaurants which pass the test will attain the Weight Watchers seal of approval.


A healthy approach to weight management

Sophie Hardy was chosen from over 500 candidates for this unique job. This proves that acquiring a dream job which pays you to dine at posh restaurants isn’t a piece of cake after all. Hardy will maintain a weekly blog of her experiences during her weight loss journey. In this, she will document her dining adventures witnessed in different parts of the country.

Apart from dining at restaurants, she will attend meetings led by trained leaders. These experts have lost weight with the help of Weight Watchers. She will also make use of various online tools and the app which has a barcode scanner and tracker. This app will provide complete support to her wherever and whenever she needs it.

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