Are you being ostracized at workplace?

Are you being ostracized at workplace? Are you also stressed out because no one recognizes your presence or pretends not to notice you at your workplace? Being left out by social circles at workplace is a common issue nowadays which can lead to decreased closeness with people around you at your workplace. While some people may consider ostracism as more benign than bullying, studies show that it can inflict more pain and do more harm than any sort of harassment. A lot of times we find ourselves in a position that doesn’t provide us with the opportunity to interact with our colleagues thus making us feel frustrated for not having a chance to vent out ideas and feelings. Social banishment can also be a result of taking extra pride in your achievements or flaunting beyond a certain limit. This can make your colleagues feel intimidated or think that you are arrogant. Therefore to avoid this kind of problem from arising, one must be extra careful while boasting off an achievement or sharing an experience. They must allow others to speak without interrupting, thus giving them a certain kind of importance. Ostracism can sometimes even lead to bullying which is one of the major problems at any workplace. This can put employees under an increased burden of work as well as a burden to establish social cohesion. This kind of situation can graduate in a bigger problem especially when the workplace lacks good channels for resolving complains of decreased social interaction. Workers are less likely to perform good because there is a reduced sense of belonging. Therefore, social breaks could be a great way to increase interaction among colleagues, to bring them close and reinforce social bonds. Here are some of the ways by which employers can increase employee interaction-

  • Proper channels for reporting insults, threats or abuses.

Often employees do not feel confident about complaining, thinking they might have to suffer instead. Therefore a company must establish a fair system that looks after each and every employee’s complaints.

  • Proper rescheduling that includes good amounts of breaks and activities for all the employees.

Employee interaction is a must for every company, therefore companies must have frequent breaks for it propels employees out of slumber and allows them to increase their interaction with others.

  • Organizing training mechanisms for healthy communication and conflict resolution.

This increases levels of collaboration with other employees. Moreover they feel more secure to report wrong doing and are encouraged to share their problems with others.

  • Conducting surveys pertaining to social inappropriateness from time to time.

This allows the company to evaluate the amount of social wrongdoings at the workplace and gives them an idea about how to work effectively towards solving any kind of problems the employees might be facing.

  • Giving every employee a chance to speak and express themselves at various occasions.

When employees are given a chance to speak for themselves, they feel more confident and accepted by the company. This in turn creates a healthy working environment in the company and allows workers to freely communicate. All the aforementioned ways can be really helpful in eradicating social barriers resulting in ostracism and employee resignations.  

Jay Raol

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