Are you feeling stuck in a job? Here are the signs.

Do you feel suffocated in your workplace? Do you have to drag yourself to work each morning? If the answers are yes, then you might be stuck in a dead-end job. When a job becomes a monotonous routine and the workplace a suffocating place to go, know this is a time to change the job. When talents and skills no longer seem fruitful at the workplace, it is the end of the job. It is called a dead-end job because you will stay there unless you are determined to steer your work and career in a new direction.

feeling stuck in a job

Stuck At Work

Stuck At Work

Everybody wishes to work for more than a paycheck; everyone wants to work where their knowledge and skills are put into work and become productive. If a person sees none of these aspects on the horizon, it is time to re-evaluate the career situation. Following are some of the signs that you are stuck in a dead-end job:

New ideas are ignored

Everyone has the right to disagree with the other. However, suppose you are consistently rejected by your boss each time you share a suggestion to improve the way of working or disregard your project idea for the organization. In that case, it is time to know that you are heading down a dead-end street.

Disregard for the role

If the managers and leaders of the organization don’t value your work, then it’s a high probability that they don’t see or recognize your role either. It means that managers don’t appreciate your skills and talents. Everyone needs encouragement and motivation at work. Being unrecognized and rejected is a drastic demotivating thing. Not being in the managers’ eye also means that you won’t be on top of their minds when it comes time to fill a more senior role.

Lack of guidance

Everybody needs growth in a company; the same monotonous work and role bore anyone. If your manager doesn’t recommend you for growth and a better position and leaves you stuck in the same role and work for years each time, then it is not a good sign. 

Slow company growth

When a company’s revenues and businesses slow down or get stalled, fewer opportunities are left or the employees to grow their work roles. If the company is often going through a downward slide in terms of growth, it is a sign for you to expand your wings and look for better opportunities. 

Motivation gets low

If the leaders stop motivating and encouraging new assignments and projects, it shows that your job is at a dead-end point. If the motivation curve is downward slide month after month, despite you having done your best at work, it may be time to check other career growth options. 

Assigns slower projects 

If you see that the manager regularly offers the assignments they don’t want to do, it may mean that they see you around as their assistant and not someone worthy of your skills. This also means that they wouldn’t forward you the projects that ensure growth and pass on the mundane and tedious works to you. 

If you witness the above signs in your workplace and among the managers, it is time to shine your resume and look for better and growth assured projects and career options. If you like the work, you are doing but desire a fresh start to your career with a new boss and company, start looking for one. Always be proactive and start the process of looking for better opportunities the moment you see these signs crop up. It would be better than languishing in a dead-end job year after year. 

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