Are You Sure You’re Not One of Those Irritating Office Personalities?

Time and again, we’ve always come across irritating coworkers who certainly know how to try one’s patience at the best. Moreover, these irritating office personalities aren’t just annoying creatures, they’re way beyond. Their workplace behaviors are detrimental to morale, positivity, productivity, and in a few cases, safety and health. Such workplace personality types, who do not manage to conform to workplace regulations and personal boundaries, end up getting terminated.

We’ve listed five common workplace personality types that you encounter at every workplace.

5 Most Irritating Office Personalities You’ll Come Across Everywhere

Irritating Office Personalities

Running a corporation would be way easier if the task didn’t involve handling such personalities. However, it’s easier said than done. As business keeps growing, the chances of supervising easy personalities keep shrinking. Being a boss certainly offers a higher position. Bosses always have the option to terminate those irritating coworkers who are simply a drag on the environment.

Let’s find out whether you’re one of these or not.


Sociopaths may be charismatic, well-spoken, highly intelligent, and charming, but they’re the most destructive personalities known in workplaces. They are those groups of individuals who have no moral grounds or guilt. Sociopaths are the ones who cannot empathize with coworkers and do not care if they end up hurting someone. Although they are harmful in a physical way, they can be extremely dangerous in abstract ways. They are highly manipulative and conscience lacking coworkers who can irritate a coworker to the point of quitting.


These are the individuals who love avoiding responsibility and work. Slackers are brilliant when it comes to making excuses. Moreover, they completely disregard their professional obligations as if it’s no big deal. Slackers are usually those people who simply collect a paycheck without putting much effort in their work. Bosses are also responsible for offering these people a free pass to laziness. Other coworkers absolutely dislike this because tasks of these slackers are often assigned to them. Bosses always offer the classic excuse, “He/She won’t be able to do it on time. Do it for me, please!


Of course, the wannabes! How can we forget to add this category in our list of most irritating office personalities? These are set of employees who desperately try to showcase something which they absolutely aren’t. They expect recognition for every single thing. However, the wannabes aren’t good at their jobs most of the times. They constantly keep a tab on competitors in order to point out flaws in their performance. Wannabes prefer everything as per their ideas no matter how stupid that is. They’ll simply do everything in their power to manipulate conditions in their favor.

Gossip Mongers

This is a common thing. Every workplace has at least one gossip lover. Gossip mongers are irrespective of gender and job roles. They love talking about other people’s lives, what is going around in the office, who is dating who, who is getting fired, etc. They are most of the time unproductive because they pay more attention to gossip rather than their tasks. Gossipers have no discipline at all. These people are in a constant search of someone to gossip with during work timings. They are interested to know why a coworker called off his/her engagement or why he/she took a long time to come out of boss’s office. Eventually, their talks are completely senseless and baseless.

Two-Headed Snakes

Believe it or not, these category of coworkers are present everywhere. These are the employees who would act like a trusted colleague or pal to a coworker’s face. However, as soon as the person is out of earshot, these two-headed snakes will stab them in the back. They will try to destroy the reputation of colleagues and may take the credit for coworker’s task too. They do not care about people’s feelings. For them, it’s all about playing a trusted one on the face and spreading the rumors from behind.

We hope you’re not one of these. Even if you’re one, you must try changing the way you conduct yourself professionally. Sure, it may not seem a big deal to you, but in reality, it matters a lot. Do you know any other types of workplace personalities as well? Do let us know.

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