The Art of Successful Onboarding

The Art of Successful OnboardingAccording to a study in Bersin by Deloitte, 79 percent of business leaders today consider successful onboarding a top priority. Onboarding means hiring a new employee into your organization and familiarizing them with the social situations and principles of your company.

In simple terms, it is the process of bringing an employee in a state where they feel more welcomed and reached their productivity levels. It also means doing it without overlooking certain factors such as essential company paperwork and tasks. The process is still deemed important at most companies.

As a matter of fact, onboarding remains a key factor in inspiring employees, supporting them climb the corporate ladder and lastly, retaining them. A successful and encouraging onboarding experience in most cases plays at an advantage of the company, given they have hired an exceptionally talented employee.

Decades ago, the process of onboarding meant a couple of handshakes in a room, and tips on getting used to a new typewriter or a computer and going through a few simple company forms. With the ascent of many digital channels on the internet, onboarding has transformed into a computerized process across numerous platforms and channels such as online, cloud-based, mobile, social and even audio and video. Moreover, there are even better options available today that help customize and integrate various aspects of onboarding into a one simple mixture of performance and talent management programs. Today, onboarding has evolved to such an extent that we sometimes have to make sure that we do not leave out the human element out of the whole process and leave it uninspiring and bland on both the ends.

The study by Deloitte also showed that 22 percent of staff turnover occurs in the first 45 days of employment. Moreover, 4 percent of employees would make a hasty exit on the basis of the first day, given it turns into an awful experience.

Below are a few good tips for creating a better presentation on the day of onboarding:

Customize it according to the nature of the newly hired employees role and tasks.

Make sure the process is automated, so that there’s no compelling reason to take exhausting and time wasting halts for individual tutoring.

Most importantly, make sure general guideline of discussion with new hired takes place in a shorter, sweeter and much simpler manner. A long onboarding process can be a mood killer and fail to forge any connection between the new employee and their role within the organization. Most importantly, a tedious onboarding procedure can cut the connection through which an employee’s see themselves as potential supporters of the organization’s mission and vision.

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