Asking Your Interviewee’s Salary History will soon be Prohibited in California

If there is something equal to the consequences of asking a woman’s weight is asking someone’s salary history. There are many people out there who do not want to share the details of their salary history or want to reveal about their salary at all. Which is for most of the times definitely okay, as wanting to share such details is the employee’s personal choice. Soon, the employers in California will be prohibited to ask the job applicants about their salary history. Additionally, they will also have to disclose the pay scales for the specific position if a candidate requests the same. This proposal made its way through the state legislature, and it is reported by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

asking salary history in interview

However, the requirement for the pay scale disclosure does not apply to the public employers. Moreover, the information regarding the pay scale of the public employees falls under the requirements of disclosure under the California Public Records Act already.

Ban on Salary History Disclosure

ban on salary history disclosure

Gina Roccanova said that this bill is a part of the effort in California addressing the historical and structural impediments to gender equality. Roccanova is the Chair of the law firm Meyers Nave’s Labor as well as the Employment Practice Group.

As per the data from Bureau of Labor Statistics of 2015, the median weekly earnings of men working for full-time in California was $914. While the median weekly earning for women was $775. Annually, this amounted to a huge $7,000 gap for the working women.

Barring the employers to ask questions about the salary history of an applicant is a positive move. In this way, the employers cannot discriminate based on the salary history. This is the key to close the gender wage gap in California, says Assembly woman, Susan Talamantes Eggman.

Similar Prohibitions in Other States

Such kind of prohibitions is passed in states like Philadelphia, the District of Columbia, and Massachusetts already. They are also pending in other municipalities and states, reports SHRM.

If this bill is passed, it will certainly be a huge move towards closing the gender pay gap. Once passed, the inquiry on salary history prohibition can turn the talks on closing the pay gap to an actual step towards really doing it.

Well, this bill is definitely a positive move. We also hope that the bill gets passed soon and everyone accepts it with open arms.

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