Attract Top Freelancers to work on your project

attract top freelancers

Freelance job market is booming. There are plenty of freelance sites to find professional freelancers to work on your project and for freelancers to find a freelance job. Every freelance site will have a mixed population of experienced pros and new talents. Selecting a suitable freelancer from the list of applicants can become a tough job at times. As highly skilled freelancers become available, the competition to recruit top talent increases. The question is, how to attract top freelancers to work on your project?

In multiple surveys, it has been found that the job posting done by the freelance client plays a major role in the selection of projects done by freelancers. There are several things freelancers consider before accepting a project. On the basis of their search criteria for projects, here are some points to include in your job description without fail.


Clearly mention the topic and sub-topic you need to be covered. Explain the subject in detail so that applicant can consider their relevant knowledge in the field. You can specifically mention if you require an experienced individual to accomplish your project. Such job post will only attract top freelancers with relevant subject knowledge, making the shortlisting easier at your end.

Pay and Budget

There is a single rule, “You get what you pay for.” Professionals know their worth and they’ll accept your project only if you are paying them well. They have experience working with other organizations that are willing to pay their expected rates. Research a little about the rates before deciding their pay. And select your method based on hourly pay, pay per word, or per project. Specify the rate especially if you are willing to pay on an hourly basis. A professional will highly appreciate if the job description contains the budget for a particular project.


Many freelancers might be working on more than one project simultaneously. Mentioning about the deadline of the task in job description will allow applicants to determine if they can accomplish your project in their schedule. If you need your project to be completed within a short period of time, you have to pay higher. Freelancers do not avoid tasks with strict deadlines, but they expect to be paid more for such tasks.

Let them be flexible

The foremost advantage of freelancing is flexibility. Able to work at suitable hours and preferred location is what freelancers long for. Such an evolving market of freelancing clearly states that individuals are more attracted to work-life balance than attractive job packages and employee benefits. Point out the flexibility you provide to work and it will attract top freelancers to apply for it.

Make an attractive job description keeping in mind all the search criteria of a freelancer. Include all the above-mentioned things in your job post and just wait for endless applications to pour in.

Anna Verasai
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