Believe It Or Not, Your Mood Affects Your Work Performance!

 We all go through bursts of productive phases where we want to accomplish everything that we can in a single day. And, we also go through phases where we simply don’t want to work, don’t we? If you think that this is just a phase, it’s time to know that this phase is highly dependent on our moods; like a remote controlling our productivity at workplace. No human on the earth possibly exists who can have the same mood 24*7 for 365 days. Just like tides and ebbs in the water bodies, we also experience different moods, even at the workplace; and without any doubt, our mood affects work performance.

So basically, there are many reasons that can put you into different moods. Below is a list of some mood gainers and mood breakers-

A Breakdown on How Mood Affects Work Performance

Mood Affects Work Performance

Mood Gainers

  • Well Dressing – A well dressed person always feels confident about himself; thus putting him in a confident mood for work.
  • Promotion – Now well, who doesn’t like a promotion? The happiness hormones that are released at the name of promotion are enough to keep you going with zest for an entire week, or may be for an entire month.
  • Personal Happiness – Personal good news can be equally satisfying and boosting for an individual to reflect that in his workplace productivity. A happy personal life indirectly links the feel-good vibes to happier employee moods.
  • Work Performance – Sometimes productivity is also based on the employee’s work performance. Good reviews, compliments, or bagging a big responsibility is enough to ignite the fire of pursuing for more, and working harder.
  • Day of the Week- Certainly, the most important aspect for workplace productivity is the day of the week. Everyone knows about the famous ‘TGIF’Thank God Its Friday! expression for an upcoming weekend. Days towards the end of the week make employees excited about the weekend; releasing high levels of Serotonins (the happiness hormone).

Mood Breakers

  • Weather – Just like how a sunny day can make you feel more energetic; a cloudy day can sometimes put you in a gloomy state, affecting your work performance.
  • Stress – Sometimes, stress regarding office projects and deadlines, or any kind of personal stress can take away all the desires of an individual to give an optimum performance.
  • Sleep – Let’s face the truth that no amount of caffeine can actually boost you to give an outstanding work performance; if you have not been able to have a sound sleep. Typically, there is a difference between hours of sleep and sound sleep. If you sleep for even 8 hours at a stretch during stress, it won’t fill for the rest that your brain really needs.
  • Age – There has to be some reason that companies decide on the retirement age for their employees. Age directly affects work performance, generation gaps, energy levels to work, and many other factors. Only if it did not, people would work for an eternity!

These are some of the many mood gainers and mood breakers that can act vice-versa also. Other factors include; feeling neglected at the workplace, exhaustion due to a previous activity, bad health, and many others. Undoubtedly, moods and emotions affect the productivity of any individual; and it is important that the employee takes the responsibility of his moods and emotions for better workplace productivity.

Mange Emotions for Better Work Performance

In the end, employees are not robots; and if not every, most bosses and HR departments understand this factor. But it is also an unsaid responsibility of an employee to control the spectrum of emotions and the moods he experiences. It is okay for your mood to affect your work performance, but only once in a blue moon. Otherwise, you should remember that your workplace is not your emotion dumping zone; and that you should empty the extra baggage off your mind, at the doorstep of your office itself.

Give a Kick-start to Your Day

For the ultimate satisfaction in your daily productivity, the best way to do it is starting your day on a good note. If you might know, a good morning leads to a better night. Or, if something goes wrong at the start off your day, you can simply switch-off from that mode before starting your work. Psychologists have given a gem of an advice for everyone who cannot escape negativity; and that is – ‘Fake it till you make it’! If you really don’t have any other option left, just keep on going without letting things affect work; and just like the change in waves, your mood is definitely going to be on the upward spiral soon.

Anna Verasai
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