World Chocolate Day: Benefits Of Having Chocolate At Work

Who doesn’t love chocolate? A piece of chocolate can spread a smile across anyone’s face. You might be aware of various health benefits of chocolate as there are plenty. But are you running out of excuses to eat chocolates? Worry no more; on this world chocolate day, we are here to let you know about how consuming chocolate at work can prove to be beneficial.

You’re about to get a list of new excuses to eat chocolate at work

One can never get enough of chocolates, but there’s always the guilt of consuming more calories. But here’s the logic – Chocolate comes from cocoa, which is a plant. Therefore, it counts as a salad! Yay! If that’s not logical enough for you, what if you come to know that chocolate is not only the best thing in the world, it is also something that will help you be more productive and improve your performance at work. No, I’m not making this up. (Or maybe I am, because I’m a chocoholic!) Let’s get started with a list of benefits of chocolate at work:

It puts you in a better mood

Chocolate (darker, the better) is rich in serotonin, which is a natural anti-depressant. It also stimulates endorphins – the chemicals that bring the feeling of pleasure. According to a study, people who consumed polyphenol-rich chocolate once in a day were more content and calmer than people who don’t drink it.

It improves your performance at work

Some of the researchers from a University in West Virginia stated that chocolate has the power to extend our attention spans, shorten our reaction times, improve our problem-solving skills, and boost our memory.

It acts as a stress buster

Consuming dark chocolate can help in relieving stress, which is much needed when you are at work. Magnesium is a really good stress buster and is dubbed as the “original chill pill”. Magnesium tones down stress by releasing cortisol – the stress hormone. Magnesium is highly missing from our regular diets and chocolate contains a generous amount of this mineral. It is believed that we crave chocolates due to the presence of magnesium.

It can make you smarter

You already know that chocolate can boost your memory and increase your attention span. But, do you know chocolate can actually make you smarter? A study has found that the more chocolate a country eats, the more Nobel prize winners it has. Yeah, it may sound like a stupid joke, but this study was published a reputed organization – New England Journal of Medicine – which is less likely to play pranks. That is to say that consuming chocolate can enhance brain plasticity and is neuroprotective – a trait that is connected to increased intelligence.

Chocolate is considered as a staple food since years

Chocolate was first introduced in the Europe in 1900 BC, after its discovery by the Spanish conquistadors. By the 20th century, chocolate was considered as an important part of the meal and was given in the rations that were provided to the US soldiers in the war. Chocolate is the answer, who cares what the question is! You May Also Like: Bringing an End to Your Unhealthy Eating Habits at Work

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