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When you are finally a college graduate (now that you’ve thrown your cap in the air), you will be bombarded with various bits of career advice. The advice that you take will affect your career in a remarkable way.

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If you ask your parents, they will surely tell you to get a decent and well-paying job (whatsoever, but don’t move back into my house) or something similar to that. Here are our top reads on career advice:

Is “Follow your passion” the Crappiest Career Advice?

The most common advice that any student gets in his career advancement is “Follow your passion”. However, this standard advice might be steering you in the wrong direction. It might seem like a good advice, which is totally harmless and should be implemented by everyone. But if you dig in, you will find the problems associated with following your passion.

First and foremost issue with the whole following your passion thing is that – not everyone has a passion that can earn them a paycheck. Suppose you are passionate about cat grooming, but what if there are not enough jobs available for that? Or even if there are jobs, do you think it will help you earn enough money to support yourself?

Secondly, the “follow your dream” is sort of confusing. Most of the people are passionate about almost a dozen of things and this increases the confusion of which passion should be converted to a career.

To know the issues linked with this advice, click here.

How to Make Sure that You Have Landed the Right Job

The most confusing phase in anyone’s career is the stage when they have landed a job, but they are unsure if they have chosen the right job. It is really hard to land your dream job even when you are highly talented and have got relevant experience. So, if you have got a job that feels right, and you want to make sure that the new role will prove to be beneficial in your career advancement, we are here to help.

Here are some points to evaluate to make sure that your job is somewhat closer to your dream job.

Is It Okay To Leave A Great Job To Follow Your Dream Career?

Chase your dreams. Quit your job. Get your dream career. Live to the fullest.

You may have heard these cliché pieces of advice many times since you started your career, either from your mentor or from some of the motivational and inspirational blogs. Why do you think such advice as some repetitive clichés? They might be the mantras for the betterment of your life.

But for following your dream career, you might have one. Ask yourself this: “Do I know exactly what I would be doing if I quit my job right now?”A lot of people have a bunch of options when it comes to picking a career. They want to be a chef or an event planner or a full-time blogger. If your answer is a particular thing and not a list of options, you can quit your high-paying job to chase your dream. But here are some of the things that you should consider before making the move.

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