Best Cities To Work Remotely & Living Cheap

The best cities to work remotely must feature high marks of racial tolerance, friendliness to foreigners, regional stability and safe enough for women, aside from aggressively supporting a tech-lifestyle. Cost of living and the available outdoor activities are also major factors, though some people wouldn’t mind spending extra bucks to relax in some of their favorite cities.

As a remote worker, freedom is largely yours to explore almost every corner of the world, provided they support your lifestyle. And what cities are remote work-friendly? We have compiled 5 best cities for remote workers using data from NomadList to help you with that list.

Cities To Work Remotely

While all the cities for remote working listed here will allow you to stay plugged in with internet speeds of at least 15mpbs, most of them are incredibly cheap, offer free Wi-Fi and affordable working spaces. Living reasonably in these cities won’t cost more than $2,500 a month and the available outdoor activities are primarily to make any vacation worth every cent.

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul, South Korea is a city that is modern and stocked with both amenities and population as NYC. The city is known for its remarkably inexpensive cost of living that allows first-timers to settle in quickly. Besides being a high-tech megacity, Seoul happens to be one of the best cities to work remotely.

Seoul Among Best Cities to work Remotely

Seoul City Skyline, downtown view of South Korea.

One of the reasons why the city is attractive to expats is the ease and freedom of life found there. A fully furnished one-bedroom house in a nice location can be rented for about $500 a month. The foods in Seoul are also very welcoming to expats. With just about $8, one can get a hearty Korean meal; part of the reason most expats prefer to dine out most nights. Everything within the city contributes its part to make a comfortable remote working experience. There is free and fast Wi-Fi standard in virtually all strong coffeehouse and restaurants. For public school teachers, there is an exemption for two years from filing US taxes.

Riga, Latvia

Riga is a smart city that is notably distinguished by its huge investment in tech infrastructure. The city gives you an incredible value for monies spent. Reasonable cost of living for the city residents does not exceed $1,600 on a monthly basis.

Riga, Latvia: Among best cities to work remotely

View of the Vanšu Bridge in Riga at dawn

Latvia is made up of numerous cities, with Riga the largest as well as the financial center. For expats, the city offers amazing nightlife such as simple chat over smoked fish, sweaty nights in a rock club, etc. As one of the best cities for remote working, about less than half of Riga’s 705,000 residents are native Latvians. The rest are expats from Russian, Belarusians and other nations who find the city comfortable to work and cheap to live in. The leading exports of the city are wood products and IT. Its high export and investment in IT earned the city the description of the romantic parts of the Middle Ages live amid tech savvy.

Phuket, Thailand

Welcome to the island of true Friendliness. Phuket, Thailand is a lush tropical island that offers foreigners amazing comfort and luxurious life at an affordable rate. The exchange rate in Phuket is almost crazy as the dollar goes an appallingly long way. Rated as one of the best cities for remotes workers, the island has done its best to live up to that height. It offers workers internet (20mbps) rate at a remarkable price, weirdly low prices and copious amenities as expected of a country with natural splendor.

Phuket among best cities to work remotely

View of Patong beach in Phuket.

Housing in the city is as cool as it can get. There are perfectly boutique hotels and Airbnbs that goes for $50/night (basically for tourist), and other nice rent rooms going for $200/month (most preferred choice for a rainbow of expats). Aside from work, Phuket presents a good blend of comfort, hospitality, and relaxation for visitors. Often described as paradise, the city plays host to one of Southeast Asia’s great nightlife capitals, filled with all kinds of clubs, scuba diving, and others.

Porto, Portugal

Your search for the best cities to work remotely comes to an end in one of the most popular cities in Portugal, Porto. Working in this city happens to be as easy as enjoying a cool breeze from the sea. The first point to note is that it never seems like Southern Europeans are working, even when they do. The lifestyle and mode of operation in the city generally gives huge support to remote workers. In Porto, office spaces are unnecessary as cafe culture is the way. Cars are unnecessary too because the city happens to be walker’s wonderland.

Porto, among best cities to work remotely

View on river and city Porto, Portugal.

People in Porto enjoy life, rather than rush through it. Hence, there are lots of activities and foods to give expats that wonderful feeling. Slingshots away from the Atlantic are delicious, fresh and affordable seafood dishes. There are also organic foods and wines for your pleasure with no US-style price hike.

Budapest, Hungary

Listed as one of the best cities for remote workers in 2016, Budapest has gone on to maintain that ranking. The city offers remote workers a huge European city-living advantage on a low-overhead cost. Living in Budapest allows you to keep the lion’s share of your paycheck to yourself while enjoying your own space near the opera. For about $500 a month, you can get a fancy 900sqft apartment of your own, within walking distance of your choicest location. Utility costs in the city are extremely low and the health care quite affordable.

Budapest among best cities to work remotely

Danube Budapest River Parlament palace

Life in Budapest never gets boring, not even for a few seconds. Nightlife in the city is amazing that it attracts expats from around the world. The cozy museums and cafes offer you a quick escape from the busyness and hectic pace of life. Although Budapest is among the best cities to work remotely in, it is the most underrated of them all.

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