Best Email Openers To Use At Work

“What does it mean to open an email?” you might ask. The beginning sentence of an email after the greeting is termed the opening line, which can also be referred to as the opening phrase or opening sentence. This first line of every email is important, for, at that point, you give an insight on what to expect while reading through the email. 

An appealing introduction can also help catch your recipient’s attention. When deciding on the opening, the most essential to consider is who the recipient is, your relationship with them, and what kind of message you are trying to get across. By the time you’ve carefully read through this article, you should have excellent email openers to use at work without having to think so much.  

email openers

Hope this email finds you well.

Formal Email Opening Lines  

Formal emails are the type you send to your professors, state officials, and at times to business associates. They are known for proper punctuation, meticulous grammar, and valid spelling, and they also strictly adhere to proper email structuring. Many of us would not need to send formal emails so often, but these emails are important to get the detailed formality for any opening sentence right.   

Examples of the best email opening lines in a formal email:  

  • How are you?  
  • Allow Me to Introduce Myself  
  • I hope you’re doing well   
  • Good morning  
  • Hope this email finds you well  
  • I hope you enjoyed your weekend  
  • Good afternoon  
  • I hope you’re having a great week  
  • It’s great to hear from you  
  • I hope you’re having a wonderful day   

Professional Email Openings  

Opening a professional email can be precarious. It’s quite challenging to put together various interpersonal relationships at the office and with external bodies to land on the appropriate way to open a professional email. The email’s first sentence can vary from a formal to a friendly introduction.   

Examples of a Professional email opening:  

  1. As promised, I’m…  
  2.  As we discussed on our call…  
  3. Can you provide me with an update on…  
  4. I’m checking in on…  
  5. I’m getting back to you about…  
  6. To follow up on our meeting… 
  7. thank you so much for being so helpful  

Friendly Email Opening Lines  

For many of us, the day-to-day emails are all at the friendly end of the line. Be it an internal mail to a colleague or a back-and-forth email with a long-term client. In these situations, it’s good to go at your own pace and enjoy typing while at the same time keeping things suitable. However, it is still important to be cautious, especially with the opening sentences. While causality may seem to be the order in most workplaces these days, it is essential you still keep professionalism in between.  

 Examples of a friendly email opening:  

  1. Hello from the other side  
  2. How has life been treating you recently? 
  3. Here’s the good news:  
  4. I know it’s been a long time since we’ve talked, but when will be a good time to catch up? 
  5. Hey, what are you up to now? 
  6. Hey, it’s me again  
  7. I’ll keep this as short as possible 
  8. How’s your week looking so far? Anything interesting planned for this weekend? 
  9. Hope all is well with you; let me know how everything is going. 

Final Words 

In conclusion, you must note that not all of these opening lines would work for every email you send. 

For example, a principal client or boss will probably want something from the “formal” category. But, a close associate or long-time friend? Well, they might get a kick out of a funny greeting that drifts from the true standards.   

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