Best Excuses to Get Out of Work

From time to time, we all need some excuses to get out of work. It may be a sick day or a car trouble. No matter the reason, you need to send a text message or call your boss or HR manager to tell them that you will not be on the job on the exact day. 

If you wonder how to write a sick day email, it is best to keep it short and simple, without too many explanations. Explain the situation in one or two sentences and do not go into overexplaining. 

Here are the 20 best excuses to get out of work and take a day off. Some of the excuses will work in your case for sure.

1. Migraine 

If you have a migraine or any other type of headache, you should not go to the job. Things will just get worse and you may end up with a larger health issue at the end of the day. 

2. Dental issue 

Sometimes, we all have dental issues that must be solved immediately. You must call your dentist when your root canal is painful, or you have some other dental problem. This is something that cannot wait. 

3. Missing pet 

If you have a pet, you know how problematic it can be when he or she vanishes from the yard or home. You need to look for them and make sure that you find them after some reasonable time. A missing pet might be a good reason to miss work on short notice. 

4. Doctor’s appointment 

There are situations when you can not schedule a doctor’s appointment many days in advance. If you go to the specialists, you may receive a call to visit the doctor the next day and this is something that you cannot run away from. 

best excuses to get out of work

There’s always a need for me-time after an overflowing work stress.

5. Sick kid 

If your kid is sick, you need to stay at home and nurture them. This is one of the most common family emergency excuses, and you should not use this excuse unless your kid is sick.

6. Plumbing issue

You may have a plumbing issue in your home that requires a technician to come to solve the problem. You must stay at home and this might be a good excuse. 

7. WiFi broken 

If you work from home or you do a remote job that requires a stable WiFi connection, you may experience problems with WiFi networks. In this case, you may miss a day on the job.

8. Leakage of gas at home 

Similar to plumbing issues, you can have a leakage of gas at your home. Leaving your home is not an option. Call the boss to tell them that you won’t be heading to the job that day. 

9. Sick pet 

Our pets are our best friends, and we need to take care of them. If your pet is sick, you may spend the entire day at the pet ambulance. 

10. Fever 

Fevers are usually the result of bacterial or virus-related infections. In the modern age of COVID-19, you want to save yourself and your coworkers from the potential spreading of viruses. 

11. Injuries 

If you have played with your pet or cut your finger on a knife in your kitchen, you may have a day off because of the injury. 

12. Mental health 

It is completely okay if you feel tired and overwhelmed from time to time. It is good to take a mental health day off in these situations. 

13. Jury duty

It is good to let your employer know that you are having jury duty on a specific day. This is something that is regulated by law.  

14. Food poisoning 

We all can eat something bad and have food poisoning. Call your boss immediately and tell them what kind of problem you have. 

15. Car trouble 

If you spend your time in a car to get to your job, you may experience a flat tire or any other car problem that will keep you away from the workspace. 

16. Religion 

If you are part of the church that is celebrating an important day, you may need to take the day off and attend the church activities. 

17. Volunteer work 

You may be part of the volunteer work and the entire day may be reserved for some volunteering job. This is an excuse to use for the day off at the job. 

18. Computer problems 

Your computer might be broken and you cannot finish the work at the job. This is an excuse if you work remotely. 

19. Home delivery 

There are the deliveries that require a signature. In this case, you must stay at home and wait for a postman. 

20. Natural disaster 

You may be impacted by the natural disaster. Your home might be in danger, and the fire or the flood may affect your home. These are all the reasons to miss the day at work. 

All of the mentioned excuses to get out of work are useful in emergency situations when you need a day off. Do not use excuses if everything is fine and you just want to escape work. Use the excuses only if you have a good reason to take a day off from your work.

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