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Healthcare professionals are outperforming the computer geeks of the world in salary stakes, according to some surveys. The best paid jobs of 2019 are in healthcare, information technology, data analytics, finance, engineering, and law (see infographic below).

Compensation for a particular profession is determined by the demand and the supply for that demand, the value that the professionals create in an organization, and the skillset that they bring to the table. The level of education and training also adds to the earning potential.

A survey by Glassdoor and another by a media company reveals that people employed in the healthcare sector are occupying the top best paying jobs of 2019. The earlier favorites, the Silicon Valley computer geeks, IT guys, and financial and management wizards are facing a downwind due to the economic crisis and the advent of the AI and augmented reality technology, which is changing the modern workplace.

The average median salary in the United States is $38,000. The average world median salary is almost half of this at $18,000.

The Best Paid Jobs of 2019

best paid jobs infographic

Best Paying Jobs

Within this category anesthesiologists and surgeons earn around $267,020 a year. Gynecologists and obstetricians follow with $238,000.

Healthcare Employment on the Rise 

According to the U. S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, healthcare employment is projected to grow 14% from 2018 to 2028—adding about 1.9 million new jobs.

This spike in healthcare sector jobs is mainly due to the ageing population the world over and the longer care that will be needed by them due to increasing life expectancy. Expectedly, the highest growth opportunities will be centered around caretakers, health aides and caregivers.

There are some other categories not listed here which are showing remarkable growth, including life sciences and biotechnology and research. Requiring a higher level of education and micro specialization, these researchers and scientists are in great demand and are paid highly by the companies.

With the emergence of deep learning and AI, a breed of information specialists known as data analysts is facing a great demand too.

Sal Khan, president of financial search at Howard-Sloan Search, agrees that data analytics—the analysis and management of data— is one of the fastest-growing sectors. They draw salaries ranging from $120,000 to $200,000, depending upon experience.

Hiring Specialists Find Glassdoor Report Unreliable 

Some human resource and hiring specialists do not agree with the findings of the Glassdoor report. They say the used the Glassdoor ecosystem which may be skewed toward the lower-end earning potential in some sectors like software engineering and finance.

According to them, most software professionals get stock options and other benefits which have not been taken into account in the algorithms used by Glassdoor to arrive at the salary median of these professionals. Similarly, professionals employed in the financial sectors get bonuses and perks, which are not accounted for here. They find the salary median for finance professionals lower than in actual fact.

Now that you’re done reading about the best paid jobs of 2019, why not take a look at Glassdoor’s Best Companies to Work For? As you scroll down the list, you’ll find that tech companies.

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