Best Places To Find Jobs in 2019

Be sure of having a very bright outlook if you are considering places to find jobs in 2019. The good news is: employers are expected to increase hiring intentions this year; up to a rate not seen since before the Great Recession. That’s a very strong positive trend for job candidates while on the flip side, employers will struggle for talents to secure their workforce requirements.

Economists expect the US labor market to be a little tighter this year after the first quarter. An Employment Outlook Survey by ManpowerGroup published by Forbes predicted a net employment outlook of 20 percent for the first quarter of 2019. That’s a percent more compare with last year’s first and final quarters, despite the uncertainty surrounding tariffs and trade.

Best Places To Find Jobs

Appraising where to find jobs, the study identified Jacksonville, Tampa, Cape Coral, and Deltona as the top four US cities job seekers should set their sights. The cities recorded net employment outlooks of 29 percent, 31 percent, 32 percent, and 37 percent respectively. Hospitality, leisure and the transportation industry, which are booming on a national level, claimed a major responsibility for the strong hiring intent by employers. The growth of these sectors in Florida has been attributed to the high rise in consumer confidence fueling tourism. In Honolulu – Hawaii’s capital, which claimed no 6 in the list of where to find jobs, hospitality and leisure business is responsible for its 5 percent YOY increase in employment outlook.

In Florida, employment increase is not only encouraged by its reputation as a vacation destination. The rebuilding process of the past hurricanes has in various ways forced employers to improve their payrolls in the state. Most recently the southeastern-most state is rebuilding from Hurricane Michael devastations. Construction companies and other firms for the recovery are growing their headcounts in Florida, growing more payrolls and employment need.

Among the employers from 13 industries ManpowerGroup surveyed, 12 of them reported either stable or strong hiring intentions for the year 2019. The only category with weaker net employment outlook is the information which recorded 11 percent when adjusted seasonally. San Jose (26 percent) and San Francisco (23 percent) are also among the best places to find jobs in 2019, ranked 7 and 10 respectively.

However, the information industry did not record the slow hiring pace entirely. Its employment outlook in both durable and nondurable goods manufacturing is around 20 percent. That’s not bad at all. Houston, North Port, and Boston are among metro areas that will benefit most in the manufacturing, and oil and gas sector.

Well, before you consider moving your job hunt to any of the listed places to find jobs in 2019, understand that you have a fair chance of landing your dream job in your current location. The strong hiring intent result from almost all metro areas is an indication that the employment rate is invariably balanced or skewed at micro a level. Until this trend begins to grow weak, job candidates will continue to be fewer than the demand by employers.

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