Best Words To Include On Your Resume

Choosing the words to include on your resume is an important step in presenting yourself to potential employers. As your first opportunity to make a good impression, you must be careful with the resume words to use while making your resume. Of course, you don’t have all the time to make that impression. Recruiters take approximately 6 seconds to scan resumes and make a decision, according to Business Insider and recent studies. But how good your resume is can bring the exceptionality you need. That’s why you must present resume action words to cease every opportunity. This doesn’t mean you should lie on your resume.

Here is a list of resume power words you need to use.


This is one of the best resume words to use, mostly in the work experience section of your resume. Recruiters want to be sure you would succeed if hired and your previous success is the only reference to establish such picture. “Achieved” is a resume action word saying you succeeded in the past and that builds the confidence that you are poised to achieve a similar result in another company.


The ability to lead others is a quality that hiring managers look out for. And including the action work on your resume for a management position increases your chances of receiving a call for an interview. You will need to include the number of persons you have managed or supervised, mostly if you have managed a large group of persons.


Growth is a huge part of success and this makes “improved” one of the best words to include on your resume. It shows that you attained positive differences working at your previous company. You will boost your chances further if you explain how the improvement was made. For instance, you might say: “Improved service quality by properly evaluating consumer’s feedback.” The sentence did not only inform the hiring manager that you achieved results but demonstrated that you have quality skills necessary to achieve results.


Employees who can identify problems and resolve them are top on every hiring manager’s interview list. This resume action word is very important if you are applying for a managerial position or any job that requires being in charge somehow. “Resolved” will give the recruiter the assurance that you can run your position on your own and that you have the skill to develop ways of tacking various challenges.


The values you have added to previous companies are the most important point to be noted by your future recruiter and the only way it could be recognized is through financial success: increased profit or revenue. If you can’t mention it, there’s no way to evaluate all that you have achieved there. You should consider using numerical values or percentages to explain this resume action word.


You can only launch a completed project. That’s why this resume action word demonstrates success and the ability to complete projects. This is one of the best resume words for an app or website developers, marketers, managers and other related job positions.

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