You Better Stop Desk Lunching Now!

You Better Stop Desk Lunching Now!One good thing about a quick desk-lunch bite? Nothing. You may be a bit of a workaholic, but that’s what you get – nothing. Don’t be disappointed, you’re not alone in this either, apparently 65% of Americans happen to make desk lunching a part of their everyday work life. It doesn’t just end here, they also happen to skip taking break period every single day! Nevertheless, you’re not going to eat lunch in your cubicle ever again and still embrace overtime. Because below are a few risks of desk lunching that will force you into re-considering it:

Poor Food Choices & Mindless Eating

Let’s assume that you have a ton to deal with on your plate, and it appears as though desk lunching while handling your task is the only probable alternative. Admit it, you’ve settled on one of these options before – 1. Ordering an unhealthy lunch, 2. Mindlessly nibbling snacks from the office kitchen irrespective of what time it is. This habit of yours can be phrased in three words “poor food choices”.

And on every Friday evening you look forward to binge-watching on Netflix next to consuming your box of pop tarts and that XXL bowl of popcorn without taking proper measurements of the pits of your stomach. This is exactly what happens when you’re desk lunching and in simple terms it can be best described as poor food habits. There’s nothing productive or healthy about this, but you do it anyway, like you’re compelled to finish that pack of chips in front of your desk.

Loss of Productivity

While it may appear as though sitting in your cubicle throughout the day to work will help you finish a lot more tasks than you would generally accomplish by skipping a lunch break, the opposite appears to be true. Working throughout the day without taking any breaks can really make you less inventive and less productive and inexorably hit a trench. With a specific end goal to be the most productive, your brain needs to take breaks to energize amidst your working hours. While restroom and water-cooler breaks can give your brain a tiny bit of time to relax, lunch breaks away from your cubicle will doubtlessly help you be more productive.

Improve Your Health

At this point it should be no shocker that sitting at your desk all day is not good for you at all. As being sedentary without a proper break for eight hours or even more every day can take a toll on your body, enjoying a lunch break is completely indispensable. Taking this time amidst the day to stroll around, stretch and simply say hello to someone from another department that’s three floors down will certainly improve your wellbeing.


One of the numerous advantages of enjoying a lunch break at work is having to socialize with your coworkers. In case you're glued behind your computer screen throughout the day, chances are you won't ever get the occasion to talk with your amazing colleagues ever (unless it’s through email!). This can most likely cause despondency at work. Taking the time for socializing with your coworkers outside of the workplace can boost your mindset and make whatever is left of your workday more tolerable.

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