Body Language Tricks That Will Make You Extremely Likable

You communicate all day, even when you don’t utter a word. The way you maintain your posture, the way you move your eyes, your hand gestures, and your facial expressions speak a lot. You send unconscious signals through your body language, which may make someone instantly like you (or the opposite). There are certain body language tricks that you can apply to make sure that people like you.

You may feel bad about changing people’s perception by using such body language tricks, but you should know that there is a difference between persuasion and manipulation. So, there is nothing wrong in using these tricks as long as you are not trying to manipulate someone with bad intentions.


This one seems obvious, but many of us are doing it wrong. Nothing is as repellent as a fake smile that flashes quickly and goes away in a second. Flashing such smile would make others think that everyone you meet will receive that same smile. Instead, take a pause and look at the person you want to greet and then let a warm and big smile spread on your face and overflow through your eyes. Even a moment’s delay will make them feel that the smile was especially for them.

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Power of Touch

Everyone loves to feel special. So whenever someone is telling you about their accomplishment and success, you can simply raise your hand and “fist-bump” or “high-five” them, it will make them feel that you too are happy about their achievements. If someone is telling you about their hardships or failures you can simply touch their arm or shoulder to show warmth and establish an emotional connection. A study also states that a subtle touch or moment of empathy can make you 27% more likable.


Maintain a straight spine while you are standing or sitting, but don’t be stiff. Keep a relaxed pose with shoulders down and placing your feet hip-width apart. While sitting, you can lean forward when conversing with a person to show that you are attentive to them. Also, make sure that you do not cross your legs or arms while sitting.


Like attracts like, it’s a given. People have a tendency to like people who are similar to them in some manner. So, suppose you are talking to a person, and he grabs his cup of coffee, you grab your cup too; if he relaxes, you too relax; if he leans in, do the same. But be careful that you don’t make it too obvious.

These are some basic body language tricks that you can apply at work as well as your personal life, to make a great first impression.

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