Brain Focus is Important to Multitask Efficiently

Currently, we are all living in an era where multi-tasking is considered as an important virtue. From job resumes to description of the exact job profiles, the employer and employee both give equal importance to multi-tasking over brain focus. But, like the other side of a coin, multi-tasking, even though being a virtue, has its own flipside too. You may say that when a person is able to do more than one tasks on-the-go then there are zero chances for this skill to have a flop side. But believe it or not, it does have its own cons, one of them being the inability to focus.

Brain Focus and its Importance

importance of brain focus

As an employee, well sure multi-tasking is an ability that must be ticked in green. But as an employer? Let us just say that multi-tasking is necessary, as well as the necessity of having the skills to focus. You, as an employer have the responsibility of the entire workforce on your shoulders. Which is why, you should be able to focus on highly crucial tasks solely, keeping aside the multi-tasker you at times.

When it comes to big decisions, presentations or meetings regarding crucial deals, you cannot be just physically present while mentally being somewhere else. Here, your cognitive abilities of focusing on the most important task at hand as well as decision making skills is put to test.

Also, there are ways in which you can improve your brain focus. Some of them are-

The Basics- Preparation

brain focus

Okay so yes, you are not going on a war but that doesn’t mean you just step into the meeting and start blabbering anything that comes to your mind. Know your subject, know your audience, and prepare everything before starting anything. So that you have enough knowledge to answer back any questions or doubts triggered towards your subject.

Some Time to Focus

The most obvious thing is that you won’t be able to focus if you have a hundred things going on at the same time. Certainly you have to keep aside some time and devote it to your most important tasks for brain focus like preparing for meetings and presentations or planning for other necessary things.

For this, even if you have to put up a do-not-disturb sign, turn off notifications, and switch of your phone, do it. This way, you will not only be able to focus on a cent percent level, but you will also be able to work at your best giving the optimum outputs.

Focus Enhancing Activities

brain focus

There are many apps, techniques, and activities available on the internet that help you improve your abilities to focus. Some of them like the Pomodoro technique for brain focus even helps you to schedule your tasks in a way that you can focus at optimum levels.

Last but not the least; remember that it is certainly a great feat to be a multi-tasker. Well, brain focusing abilities will indirectly increase your multi-tasking abilities also. But when there is something that requires your hundred percent attention, don’t show-off your ‘I can do everything’ skills. All that it will really do is lessen your productive outputs; and as an employer, we are sure you don’t want to decrease the quality or the quantity of the output that you can deliver. Do you?

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