Break Your Addiction to Slacking Off At Work

Some experts believe that slacking off at work could lead to better performance when the employee finally swings back to work efficiency. Some say it’s a way of dealing with stress or catching up with the right energy to deal with big problems. Could this be true for individuals who have grown an addiction to slacking off at work? The answer is NO! Addiction means it has become an acceptable routine. At this point, the one addicted is fighting the challenge but seriously entangled. We have seen alternatives to slacking off at work as taking a few days off to rejuvenate, doing things that won’t overload your brain, and working with others. These alternatives are no longer effective to its addicts. Something more is required.

Breaking your addiction to slacking off at work is like developing a new habit, beating the one that has occupied your lifestyle – that’s a little difficult thing to do. The challenge with most addiction is our inability to realize its damage to our career goals. But reading this article means you have realized there is need to increase your efficiency at work. Five steps will be necessary to redress your step and discard slacking off at work for optimum delivery of workforce.

Redress your goal

Your willingness to consider slacking off at work is an indication that you have compromised your initial goal. Before your addiction, you had a standard which is no longer a benchmark. Stopping or quitting the addition of playing down on your goals must begin with re-establishing those goals and developing new strategies to meet up with them. Depending on how deep you have fallen off from your original track, you may consider starting small and gradually improve.

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Breaking your addiction to slacking off at work is like developing a new habit, beating the one that has occupied your lifestyle – that’s a little difficult thing to do.

Insist on a daily improvement

Whatever you have resolved in step one should not be static. There is every possibility that you have given yourself a lot of space to satisfy your addiction. Do not be lazy to take up more tasks the following day. It’s only a way of breaking out of your addiction to slacking off at work. Accept that the next day will be more tedious until you gain stability with your sustainable goal.

Set reminders as motivation

Every goal is attached to some level of satisfaction if achieved. Bringing up pictures of your accomplishment when you become successful will always motivate and build your adrenaline to restrain your addiction. Consider hanging pictures of individuals you wish to make proud around your desk if you have someone to make happy due to your accomplishment.

Add new excitements

Your work environment contributes to your performance and ability. Consider renovating your desk to offer you a fresh look new enthusiasm. A new environment will impact on your psychology to accept your changes easily thinking you have changed office. If you have access to a new cubicle, accept it for the sake of defeating slacking off at work addiction.

Discard distractions

It is possible that some activities like games, gossip or friendship enhances your unwillingness to perform your duties. Cutting them off would be a great deal and a bold step in breaking your addiction to slacking off at work. Note that the distractions are actually the addiction that’s depriving your workforce. Discarding them would be a little bit difficult but very effective as it will allow your brain to settle for any new task you are offering, which is a great effort at work.

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