Brush Up Your Skills to Negotiate Salary in Interviews

Negotiations are a part of the routine. Whether you’re at home or in the office, the practice of negotiating for various things never runs out of the place. At home, you might negotiate with your brother for things like who takes the pet out for a walk. However, at the office, you’ll be either negotiating for a higher pay slip or a certain project on which you’ve been willing to work. You’ll try to negotiate with your boss as to what makes you the best person to lead the project. Believe it or not, our lives revolve around negotiation.

Henceforth, it would be a right thing to say that having the ability to negotiate at the workplace is very important. Mastering the art of negotiation can push you towards a higher position. Now the aforementioned subject is relevant for the ones who are already employed and seeking for a higher pay slip. What are the highly effective ways to negotiate salary in interviews without burning bricks with interviewers? Let’s take a look.

It’s Time You Polish Your Ability to Negotiate Salary in Interviews

negotiate salary in interview

Time and again we’ve witnessed tons of articles circulating here and there on the web, teaching best negotiation tips. Sure, the pieces of advice are phenomenal, but they are all good enough to help you in a particular context. You need to be brilliant if you want to negotiate salary in interviews. After all, your salary decides your financial goals. So how are you supposed to convince your future employers to offer that much-needed figure you’ve been craving for?

  1. Learn To Say “NO”

Of course, it’s a tough call. In fact, offering a flat “NO” is much difficult than it sounds, but you must learn using this word. You should immediately so no to your interviewer if he is giving you unrealistic goals to achieve in future. Just for getting that job, you do not have to stoop so low that you’ll lie to impress. Honesty and transparency always help. Your honesty during your interview can leave a good impact on the interviewer’s mind, in return offering you a good pay package. Similarly, if you’re not comfortable with the salary being offered by the company, say no. It’s one of the golden rules of negotiation. You need to reject the offer on the platter if you’re not comfortable with it.

  1. Homework Is Important

If you’ve applied for a junior level job, you can’t sit in the interview and quote a CEO’s salary. It’s highly ridiculous. Not only you’re making a fool of yourself, but you’re also showing the lack of research from your side. Research the salary for the position you’re applying before you attend your interview. Check out the low, median, and high pay package for your job role, skills, education, and experience.

  1. Never Shy Away From Accepting More Responsibility

If you’re asking for a higher salary, your future employers will expect you to take on more responsibilities. If they’re offering you to accept higher responsibilities at the salary you’re quoting, jump at the chance. You cannot just sit and expect to draw higher salary with minimal work.

Now that you know the better ways to negotiate salary in interviews, we hope you implement the points before leaving for your next job interview.

Diana Coker
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