Buffalo Wings On A Business Lunch? A Big NO

Business Lunch

Business lunch is a significant factor for networking in today’s corporate world. Hammering out corporate details while in a social setting and getting introduced to prospective clients is common nowadays. Such gatherings are way beyond a free lunch. It is here where you represent the image and honor of yourself and your company. Whether you are attending or hosting a business lunch, make sure you contribute towards making it a profitable one with a great long-lasting impression on the opposite person.

Business networking is very important; sometimes it feels like the most exhausting part of business. It can sometimes end up being enigmatic, yet confusing. While some people excel in it, there are the others who are still under a learning process, with a huge probability of trial and error.

Whether you are a big-shot investment banker, CEO, managerial level employee, or an intern trying to impress the boss, you can always try to make the most out of these 60-90 minutes, one-to-one lunch meetings.

The smart business lunch strategies listed down will not only impress the clients, but it will also give them a genuine reason to get in touch with you again.

#Arrive On Time


You should always make it before time on a lunch meeting. Making people wait during a business meeting at lunch is a worst nightmare. Not only it will display heights of unpunctuality, it will also show them how insignificant you feel to arrive on time for an important gathering, and how less interested you are (Even if you have prepared for an entire week for this meeting). Make sure you keep the track of venue and time beforehand.


Know what you are dealing with. Stay well-prepared and well-read. Business lunches aren’t for loading your stomach with delicacies. Maintain a list of issues to be discussed, news, and happenings around the world. Sometimes business gatherings at lunch can be boring by just discussing business. The business clients may want to freshen up by discussing latest trends, news on technology, politics, etc. A successful person is always well-read. So make sure you don’t give them a chance to gasp at you in a shock for some current news that you are not aware of.

#Maintain the Etiquettes

Maintain business lunch etiquettes. While deciding your order, always pick out two items. Downgrade your order by what your client is ordering. Your lunch needs to comparable in size to that of your clients’. This surely can be a bit disappointing for you, but always remember you are there for business, not food, the better option is never sit down hungry during such gatherings. Have a morsel or two in advance before leaving for a one. Display manners and eating etiquettes, because not following those can be a huge turn-off. Avoid messy foods like cheeseburgers, Buffalo wings, cheese loaded pizzas, etc.

#Graciously End Your Meal

Do not start looking at your watch or mobile phone to end the meeting if you are running late. Instead, ask something decent like, ‘When is your next appointment today?’ This might give your client a clue to check the time and wrap up the meeting accordingly. Going on lingering in a meeting over lunch and then abruptly ending it in a hurry due to other appointments over a short notice isn’t good. Always wrap up such gatherings on a good ending note after leaving a conclusion to the purpose of the meeting.

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