Building An Employer Brand That Helps You Recruit Top Talent

Long gone are the days when employers had all the power to pick their favorite candidate for a specific position. As the competition in the job market is getting tougher, candidates are gaining more power to pick between job offers. It’s common for highly talented people to have multiple job offers, out of which they need to pick one and decline others. In such situation, paying a high salary is not the trick that will work, as another employer may agree to pay higher. So, what is the deciding factor when the candidates need to pick an employer? Looks like, it all boils down to employer brand.

employer brand

The ‘Why’ part of building an employer brand

We all have heard about building a brand to attract more customers. But the importance of brand-building is underrated when it comes to recruiting top talent. Your employer brand will send a loud and clear message to the job seekers why they would want to work with you. It precisely informs them what your company offers that is better than what they currently have and better than what competitors are offering.

The power of employer branding is, it can significantly increase the number of applicants that are interested in working with you. Thus, it can place you in a position where you can pick the best among a pool of candidates.

Let’s discuss how you can build your company brand in such a way, so it can help you in attracting and recruiting top talent:

Keeping current employees happy

No one could be a better brand ambassador of any business than the employees who are associated with it. All the efforts that you put in attracting potential candidates may go futile if your current employees are not happy. Treating your employees well and showing them that they are valued will automatically help in brand-building. Not only will it reflect well on company’s culture, but also decrease the turnover rate.

Maintaining a good social media presence

Out of sight, out of mind – is highly true when it comes to employer branding. Either you can inform candidates about your company once they apply for the job or they already know about your company before they apply. The later would obviously work well as people like to work with familiar names and brands. Creating a social media strategy to raise brand awareness may work incredibly well to let potential employers know about your business.

Building a great work culture and letting people know about it

You cannot just show how good you are to work with and how great the work culture at your company is unless it really is true. People can tell when you are really stating the truth and when it is lip service. You have to establish a company culture that makes work more enjoyable. Then, you can promote how great your culture is using social media sites or some other medium. This will help you in gaining job seekers’ attention.

Nowadays, job seekers are looking for a lot more than higher salary and employee benefits. By creating your business brand, you are showing them that you have got exactly what they’re looking for.

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