What Can You Include in an Employment Verification Letter?

An employment verification letter is the only formal document that confirms that an employee is working or has been previously employed by a firm. Letter of employment is expected and should be written by employers but some offices would subject the duty to the requesting employee, after which they would adopt and sign the letter. While a letter of employment is a medium to provide employment details such as a trusted summary of employee’s job responsibilities, the content and tone of writing is determined by what the receiving office had requested.

Employment verification letter is an essential document for loan applications, property renting, and some transactions with financial institutions. Government agencies may also request for employment verification letter to issue sensitive documents such as green cards, work permit, etc. The following are what should be included in any employee verification letter.

Use a business format

You are required to use official company letterhead while writing an employment verification letter. Include all relevant information for business letters such as dates, salutation, contact information and addresses.

Include your status

As a respondent representing your office, you need to include the office you are holding and how it relates to your employee.

Employment verification

Clearly state the employee’s status in your office, date of employment and other offices held by the employee.

All information requested

Include exactly the information requested by the office demanding for the letter of employment, in a summary format.

Sensitive information (if applicable)

Sensitive information such as the employee’s performance, behavior, charges against the employee like sexual harassment claims, etc may be included if demanded and supported by your state law. It is important that you read through your state’s employment act before responding this information to avoid legal claims against your office.

Include your contact

Endeavor to provide your contact details to promote further inquiries if there is a need.

Employment Verification Sample

March 6, 2018

Robert Adams Capital Investments 1352 Business Avenue Los Angeles, LOS 90001

John Doe Morgan XYZ Bank 4412 Round Drive New York, NY 10001

Subject: Letter of Employment Verification for Richard Roe

Dear Mr. John,

We received your request for employment verification for Richard Roe, regarding his application for a loan in your office. As the HR generalist for Capital Investments, I will provide you with the information you have requested.

Richard Roe has worked with Capital Investment for nine (9) years, since February 15, 2011. He is currently our Head of Operations in Business Development, a permanent position he has held for three (3) years, after first serving as a Marketing Representative in his first years with us. Having served Capital Investments for twelve (12) years, I have known Richard Roe for all the years he has been with us.

The following is the summary of Richard Roe’s remuneration (minimum) valid since August 8, 2017.

Earnings                     Amount (USD)

Basic Salary:                       42,310.75 Overtime pay:                      5,031.43 Special Allowance               1,000.00 Bonuses:                               3,611.32 Total deductions                  1,000.00

Net Pay:                           50,953.50

Attached herewith are copies of Roe’s pay slip from the month of February 2017 to February 2018 for more details.

Please contact me at or (213) 971–5441 if you require more information or have any questions.

Thank you.

Sincerely, Robert Adams HR Generalist, Capital Investments


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