You Can Swiftly Handle Hits and Highs When You Have a Bestfriend at Work

It is always good to have someone by your side. Partners and family don’t always end the need of feeling valued and connected. Whether it is your school or college you always need friends. So is at work. Having a bestfriend at work lets you handle the hits and highs swiftly. Isn’t it?

Earlier, there used to be a strict line between work and home. Keep the work thing to the workplace; that was it. But now with increase of social media adoption, people are able to easily connect with everyone. You might have hundreds of friends on Facebook which would also include your workplace colleagues. Millennials always seek to know about the personal life of the people around them. Roughly 67% of the millennials are likely to share personal details including salary, family issues and relationships with their bestfriend at work.

According to relationships at work study by LinkedIn, 46% of professionals believe that one always needs a work friend for complete satisfaction at the workplace. Relationships matter because feeling connected with people makes you more motivated and productive. Think of planning a happy hour after work with your work friends. If you have invested in work relationships, you would be able to calm your mind by sharing your woes or get some advice when you need. Otherwise, holding something in mind that constantly bothers you would dwindle your productivity at times.

bestfriend at work

Sharing something out of your professional email or meetings does not blur the professional lines. If that is the concern, you should not fail to deliver the professional deadlines. Your colleagues would understand the difference in both the communications. If not, make them understand. Differentiate your attitude towards the professional thing which they seriously need to understand. Here are some tips to have a bestfriend at work without breaking your professional conduct.

Make your professional attitude clear

Personal friendship should never interrupt the professional work. That is why most of the people criticize work relationships. Make it clear that your relationship while discussing professional stuff is in no way concerned with anything personal. Not clearing this might affect your relationship as well as your work. Better be wise when you deal on the professional front.

Talk out of work

You always have break-time and tea-time to ponder over whether to buy an expensive garment that you like. Also, you can ask your colleagues about their interest, talk about yours. You may feel a good connection while having such discussions. After all, everyone always has something to share. Start the talk and go on for more.


While you are having hundreds of social media friends, you should never fail to add your work friend. Knowing what motivates them, what is the status-quo in their paradise develops a good connect. You can congratulate them on some achievement or plan something for their birthday. Better to stay updated.

Plan happy hours

Plan weekends or happy hours with your colleagues. You can go for a coffee or a movie after the office hours. It is a healthy way of enhancing your friendship.

Ask for advice

On work front or at personal level, when something bothers during work hours, you have your bestfriend to share it with. There will be times matters when you’ll need someone’s help. Don’t shy away from having a bestfriend at work, you can cross-share certain problems or ask for advice or share happy moments. You would feel someone’s presence around to frame your moments or solve a silly confusion. You can also text your managers or colleagues out of work when you find the discount on your favourite brand or anything joining the dots with the relationship you share. It is always fun.

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