Can Workplace Wellness Be Your Competitive Advantage?

In today’s job market, search for top talent is heating up. Candidates have the choice to pick the job they like from a list of options. In such situation, employers require something much more than a well-drafted job description. You may have tried to provide some of the attractive employee benefits to attract candidates. Including workplace wellness program can prove to be your competitive advantage that you need to acquire top talent.

If you still have second thoughts about workplace wellness, here are some reasons that may change your perspective:

Promotes Employer Brand

Wellness programs can not only improve your employer brand but can also set you apart from your competitors. Displaying a workplace culture that promotes employee well-being is a powerful message and never fails to attract job seekers.

You can also add to it by providing healthy lunch to all the employees. Showcasing that the company cares about employees’ health can be the most significant competitive advantage for any company.

Encourages Employee Advocacy

When candidates interview for a job position, they are not only interested in their job profile and the employer brand, they are also very much interested in getting the inside scoop. And if you will have happy and healthy employees, they are more likely to share the insights of the company and mention how great the company culture is.

workplace wellness

The chance of employees recommending their workplace to their friends remarkably increases if they are happy and content while working there. Employee referrals can be the key to hiring the best talent. Also, the retaining the hired employees become an easier task if they get positive reviews from existing employees.

Helps in Team Building

Workplace relationships affect employees’ quality of life and that is why it is an important concern while taking a job. Job seekers are looking for some new opportunities that will help them connect with new people beyond the work. They are looking for teams they want to be a part of.

Employees who have friends at workplace love their job and are willing to stick to the company for a longer period. Employers should be transparent about their organizational culture so that the candidates can determine whether they are a fit or not. Workplace wellness program can act as a team building activity, which can increase employee morale.

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