Cats at Workplace to Pawspurr?

Everyone have a wonderful bond with their pets. The feeling, while leaving them home and going to the workplace, is really heart sinking. Won’t you love cuddling with your beloved pooch after some tiring work? How relaxing! Isn’t it? It would be awesome to have your cats at workplace, or any pet for that matter.

When you do your head up from your work it is would be an aesthetic pleasure to watch your pet rolling your pen or licking your leg. Pets would entertain you and you would get the best break out of work. This will for sure increase your efficiency at work.

Certain companies, today, who are open with their work environment allow cats at work, while there are many who stand strictly against it.

A Japanese IT company Ferray welcomes cats at work to help their employees cope with fatigue and stress. Around nine fluffy felines roam around in the company office; all trotting and playing joyfully. That would be a treat to see.

Oracle Japan has a sheepdog named ‘Candy’ that greets and heals their employees at the workplace.

Also, certain innovation companies like Google, Purina, and Zynga allow employees to bring their pets. These and many other companies who welcome pets at their workplace believe that this would help their employees cope with stress.

Cats at Workplace

To encourage the pets at workplace, 24th June is observed as National Take Your Dog to Work Day. However, many companies allow birds, cats and other animal accompanists at the workplace. Let us get down to the perks of having pets at the workplace.

Decorate the office environment

Pets at workplace roaming all around, playing with things and people would fill an office room with cute quotient. Employers and employees would have a jolly, healthy feeling at the office.

Boosts the employees

There are always your pets in the workplace when you have some time free from the work. They could give you the best company. You can click, move, eat and play with them. This could be the most effective de-stressing therapy. The employees will have a boost in morale after such happy time.

Millennials who are pet-lovers often are in rush to see their pooch and rush back home. They often tend to have updates about their pets while in office. So, keeping pets in the office may attract such young employees to the workplace. Also, the pet owners won’t have to drop an extra penny for the pet-sitting and could have their pooch with them always.

The pet owners would be really elated with the company of their pets at their workplace. Ultimately the organizations would have the benefit of the effective de-stressing therapy of their employees. But not all situation permits pets at work.

Your co-worker has fear

You are not only the one in the office. There will be many colleagues working with you; sharing the same office area. It might be a case that any of your co-workers fear from animals or any particular pet. So, this would create imbalance in the workspace, if they welcome pets.

Pets require extreme supervisions

If your pet requires all time supervision and care, it is not wise to bring them into the workplace. Also, many pets may distract you and other employees time-to-time; making a mess. The fact, however, is not all animals are suitable to fit in the workplace.

If you are a pet-lover and would want your pooch with you, then while searching job you can look for the company that welcomes pets. Tools are available now to look for such companies. Make your experience at workplace amazing with your pet partner.

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