Celebrating Halloween at the workplace

Halloween is not a national holiday but it is a celebration that everyone awaits, to indulge that sweet tooth and get dressed up as bizarrely as possible.

At workplaces, it is a good way to come together and have a little downtime and let the creative juices flow.

This year the pandemic may “curb the enthusiasm” a little, but the point is to get together and enjoy and that can be done virtually too.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has advised people to avoid traditional door-to-door trick-or-treating and crowded indoor costume parties.

Celebrating Halloween At Office

celebrate Halloween in the office workplace

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Only 58% of Americans said they expect to celebrate Halloween this year, down from 68% last year, according to a National Retail Federation poll of more than 7,600 U.S. adults. Fewer people plan to trick-or-treat, throw or attend a party, or visit a haunted house.

But a lot of people are getting into the spirit and coming up with innovative ways to maintain the distance and not disappoint the little ones. Some are using chutes to deliver candies, others have rigged up a pulley with a ghost carrying a basket on a clothesline till the gate.

Workplaces and offices Halloween party ideas when things get normalized

Since it is all about costuming, encourage people to dress up and hold a contest about the best imaginative horror costume. Be clear that clothing should be workplace appropriate.

Welcome your employees or visitors with a sweet treat for Halloween. Keep a bowl at the reception center and have a small treat bag made up for all attendees. It is a small gesture that will go a long way in making the employees feel treasured.

Or have an end-of-the-day party. It is better to have it catered and get Halloween themed snacks and beverages.

A party is a good opportunity for employees to socialize and increase inter-department interactions and boost team spirit.

Let the office become a little festive with Halloween decorations. Allow individuals to dress up the cubicles and workstations. Let it be known that there is a surprise at the end of the day. Anticipation will get more involvement and make the mood cheery in the office. 

Boost the office morale by planning a few Halloween-activities, such as a pumpkin rolling contest, guess how many candies are there in a jar, a candy stick game of crosses and knots.

Keep it simple and interesting. Don’t allow it to get too rumbustious.

Working on a festive day can become stressful so it is good to increase the engagements to make sure that employees are a little less resentful of spending the day away from home. 

Human resources and management can make an effort to promote camaraderie and a day to eagerly look forward to for some workplace enjoyment, away from the responsibility of organizing tricks and treats at home for the family.

Here are some ideas for a virtual celebration

Decorate your work desk in a Halloween theme. Just putting some fairy lights in a bottle painted in some bright colors will convey your participation.

If you are a little more enthusiastic then have the background themed with some cutouts or store-bought toys and decorations.

Have a Halloween theme music introduction for every time someone new joins the meeting.

How To Celebrate Halloween This Year

Halloween is jam-packed of tricks, treats and spooky delights. Whether you desire to spend your Halloween making sweet treats or curling up with a good-old-fashioned horror movie, here are a few tips to sort definite you get the most out of this spooky season.

Seasonal Stories of Halloween

Carving pumpkins is an essential of Halloween. Whether funny, scary or stylishly decorative, professional pumpkin carver Brian Bateman in Clifton Park, NY has got a pumpkin for you. Step inside the Columbus, Ohio studio of Larissa Boiwka to see how she creates her involved corset fashions. Explore the transformative metal work of Jim Moffitt. Visit the fantastic imagery of artist Francois Escalmel, all courtesy of AHA! A House for Arts.

Legendary Ghosts

Curl up in the dark with the stories of Columbus’ legendary ghosts and haunted places, including a ghostly tale in the Walhalla ravine, a doubtful guest at the Ohio State Highway Patrol, and ghostly sittings around town, courtesy of Columbus Neighborhoods.

The Origins of the Zombie

What better way than Halloween to learn the compound history of the zombie — from its origins in the divine beliefs of the African diaspora to the development of Vodou in Haiti. Learn how one of the peak enduring monsters in widespread culture evolved in the midst of slavery, racism and prejudice, courtesy of Monstrum.

Freaky Films – House on Haunted Hill

Have you each stayed in a haunted house? In one of his signature roles, Vincent Price plays an unusual millionaire who offers five guests $10,000 each if they can employ the night in his sincere haunted house. As the evening progresses, the guests are confined inside the house with ghosts, ghouls and the things that go bump in the night, courtesy of Lakeshore Classic Movies. Will they survive?

Spooky Snacks – Healthy Halloween Treats

No tricks, just treats if the funda of this Halloween. These Halloween treats are un-boo-leivably healthy and an explosion to make.

Sign off with the spookiest stories that you can tell.

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