Change Your Password to Change Your Life

There’s a secret password that can change your life forever – Your own digital password. Sounds appealing or eerie? Before nay saying into this, believe us that this works for real. Certainly, updating the passwords and considering every aspect for a perfect password is a tedious job. When creating a perfect password we have to consider a whole lot of things like - minimum number of characters, requirement of numeric’s and caps lock, etc. As a result of this tedious process we create easy passwords like birth dates, anniversary dates, and pet names among others.

World of Passwords that can Change Your Life

a change in password can change your life

Typically we are living in the ‘Internet Era’ and for accessing even the smallest of sites an account with a password is the root requirement. We can communicate with people, shop, browse, unlock confidential data or discover new sites with the help of a conglomerate of characters.

Your password is like a unique access key to the Internet. It also helps in keeping confidential data safe, and serves as a privacy and security factor. The most common passwords of 2016 according to a list released by Keeper Security include 123456, qwerty, password, and 111111 among others. The most popular – 123456 makes up almost 17 percent of around 10 million passwords as per this study.

Passwords can Unlock More – Fingerprint to Success

The key to your account is your password and that itself can unlock much more than just accounts. Know why 9 of 10 experts suggest you to write down your goals? Our minds are blessed with memory powers. We can remember things like the color of clothes to something that may have happened 5 years ago. Notice how sometimes we can start conversations with simple – ‘Remember when’s…’. But the power of ‘recall’ has a different influence on every aspect of our lives.

You see something and forget it unless it’s something really important. But you recall something every day and it is grained in your memory like a tattoo. Involuntarily those everyday reminders give you no option but to act upon it. A written target acts as the catalyst to change your life.

Your password hereby acts as that catalyst of change. Your every day internet routine requires you to enter your password more than 5 times a day. A hammering of those characters happens in your mind every time you insert the password.

Unleash the Key to a Changed Life

Let’s have a look at some examples-

If you are desperate to forgive that co-worker who talked behind your back but the grudge does not seem to go away change your password to – 4givehim / f0rgiv3him. Now your mind will recall this every time you insert your password. Once, twice, thrice, and one day... whoosh!The grudge you held back will magically disappear.

Now take another example. Say you want to take an international vacation. Simply change your password to – 1nternat1onaltr1p / n3xtvacat10n or something resembling the goal. Now each time you insert your password a positive intervention between your goals and thought process will take place. So your mind will get a hammering recall to curb extra expenses and save for your next trip. Before you know, you will be vacationing in your dream destination, that too by simply changing your password.

Password is your Energy Boost

This is not just a way to change your life but this is a strategy helping you excel your performance also. Whenever you insert a password with your goal you recall the anticipated positivity, which releases feel-good hormones in your body. You recall your goals 50 times a day and the desire to achieve the same bolt up at rocket-speed. This directly increases the zest and zeal to work improving your mood and productivity both.

A password hammering reminds you that it’s not a mundane routine but you have something great to look forward to. That’s a boost enough to give you an adrenaline rush, isn’t it?

This folks is not just a fascinating idea, but a key that has potentials to unlock the tunnels to those massive goals of yours. Remember, the mantra is – It’s not just a password... It’s the key that can change your life forever...

Password and Life both... When are you changing yours?

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