Christmas Themed Food Ideas for Office Potluck Parties!

Every office Christmas party needs to have Christmas themed foods that are ideally accompanied by a festive atmosphere. In this article, you will read about the best Christmas themed food ideas that will certainly make your office party complete. 

Let’s find out what makes good food during the holiday season.

Christmas Veggie Kabobs

You can always go with the kabobs that contain meat, but these veggie kabobs will certainly catch your attention. All you need to do is prepare a couple of green peppers, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, and some skewers. Then, you can cut up each ingredient and cheese and alternate them along the stick. You can either grill or roast these sticks until they get a good color and soft taste. This is usually 25 minutes. In the end, sprinkle them with some olive oil and lemon juice for a better taste. 

Christmas food appetizers

Add some secret nutrition diet on your office party foods list with the Turkey Veggie Tray.

Turkey Veggie Tray

This is a perfect dish for holidays and festive seasons. It is also a favorable dish for the lovers of vegetables and for those parents who want their kids to eat more vegetables during the week. Turkey veggie tray is great office Christmas party food because it is easy to prepare and it has a lot of nutritive elements. 

For this dish, you will need to get the right ingredients. Get one bag of sugar snap peas, one bag of baby carrots, 1 red bell pepper, 1 English cucumber, 2 black peppercorns, and Ranch dressing. 

You should put everything together on a round platter and make sure that all of the ingredients are included. First of all, put a glass bowl in the area of the bottom end of a platter. Remove the bottom of the bell pepper and take out the stem and seeds. Then slice it into the sticks. 

Put sugar snap peas around the edge of the platter. Then arrange the pepper slices around the platter. The third layer will be carrot sticks that should be arranged around the platter. Then, put slices of cucumber above the bowl. The cucumber should be sliced in a rounded shape. In the end, make a body with a side of red pepper and carrots. The eyes should be made with 2 black peppercorns. Your coworkers will love the dish. 

Christmas party appetizers

All the best Christmas office food party ideas are here on the desk for you!

Cheese and Grape Christmas Tree Tray

This is one of the best types of Christmas themed appetizers that you can prepare for your coworkers. Who doesn’t love cheese and grapes? Everyone will enjoy the appetizer with a glass of champagne or some good wine. 

You can easily prepare this dish by serving different types of cheese and grape varieties. Here, you can include Edam, Brie, Mozzarella, and many other types of delicious cheeses. There are also some examples where you can make a Christmas tree on a plate by using the mentioned cheese types and grapes. This could be a great way to prepare Christmas treats for coworkers

As part of the Christmas food ideas for office, you can also consider Christmas themed breakfast ideas. These breakfast ideas might include eggs, cheeses, and milk products that remind us of Christmas day. 

We showed you the best office Christmas party food examples that you can implement into your Christmas party. It is up to you to choose the best foods for the festive days. Whichever dish you select, make sure it is easy to make and easy to serve it. You do not want the mess in your office. 

Christmas treats for coworkers are an ideal way to show appreciation to your team and colleagues. They will certainly enjoy the food and the party you organize for them. The good food will certainly stay in their memory for a long time. 

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