Clever Holiday & Christmas Gifts for Coworkers!

When you spend the better part of the day with your colleagues, it is natural that you develop friendships with some of your co-workers. Come Christmas, you want to celebrate that bond with an exchange of gifts and show your appreciation.

Here Are Some Gifting Ideas for Your Co-workers

The cubicle gift basket

There are some ready-made gift baskets of gourmet goodies available, or you can make one up. Get a wooden or bamboo basket and fill it up with handmade chocolates, a photo frame, mug, office supplies like a stapler, markers, or a snow globe. Just be imaginative and creative. It will surely earn you some brownie points.

Desk Accessory Holder

It is a cute irreverent figurine that is holding a tape in the hands with a pen in its mouth. There is a pen holder behind and space for putting some odd and ends. It is sure to bring a smile to your colleague’s face and will be a conversation piece for visitors to the desk or cubicle.

It retails for $15

Wood Laptop raiser

It is a very thoughtful gift. The wooden device allows the laptop to be raised slightly at an angle, which is comfortable for typing. For people who stand and work, it can be highly handy. It is priced at $139

Mount it ergonomic footrest

This gift is a godsend for people who cannot sit long in the chair with their feet planted on the floor. A footrest gives the legs much-needed support. (this writer would love such a gift). It comes with an adjustable pedal and can be tilted to angles 0 and 30 degrees. It’s priced at $49.99

Christmas Gifts for Coworkers

Charging Keychain

A handy cute and tiny keychain power bank that can charge your smartphones or AirPods on the go. You can clip it to your keychain or handbag. It has a USB-C port that allows you to recharge an additional device at the same time. It is compatible with smartphones, as well as Apple, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. It costs $39.99

Echo Dot

Get this virtual voice assistant. This voice-controlled smart speaker can act as a reminder, give a weather report, play music, relay news, and much more. It comes in four colors and retails at around $25.

Gift vouchers

There are many gift vouchers that you can choose from. Gift a spa day or a subscription to some hobby classes or exercise classes such as yoga, Tai chi or spinning. You can limit the number of classes to suit your budget.

Tea Sample

A gift box made up of a variety of tea samplers can make the tea lover in your office really happy. There are many brands available. Pick and choose according to your budget, The Tea Forte tea sampler available on Amazon is budget-friendly and a popular brand. It retails between $25 and above.

USB Desk Fan

It is a desk fan that is USB charged. It runs at two speeds. The fan is small, handy and sleek, and will look good sitting on any desk. It is functional too. Use it on that sudden hot, humid day in the office when the air conditioner is not functioning correctly. It costs $17

This is just a small curated list of gift ideas. When buying a gift for a colleague, keep in mind that you do not make it too personal or too generic. Choose something funny and whimsical or utilitarian. A gift basket is always a good idea when in doubt.

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