Communicate And Train To Retain Top Performing Employees

No business works just because the boss is good. In order for the company to flourish, they must recruit good employees whose work speaks for themselves and reflects greatly on the company as well. Not every employee turns out to be a great asset to the company. Many are recruited, most of them work okay, few work well, some work hardly whereas just one or two work hard and smart.

Who is a top performing employee?

A good employee is not one who just completes his daily tasks on time. Most of the employees do that. A top performing employee is one who will always finish his work before time and then indulge in some extra tasks that aren’t given, but he still does them. A top performer in the office will always be extremely honest and grateful. Apart from that, a company’s best employee will always be innovative in everything s/he does. S/he will help the organization reach new heights with their contribution and might also contribute to improving the finances of the company. And not just these but there are millions of reasons why top performing employee retention is necessary.

Good companies will never let go of their top performing employees because once they leave the organization, they can be a threat to it. When another company gives them a job, they tend to work the same way and turn out to be a greater asset to them. To prevent employees from leaving the job, there are many ways you could make them happy and keep them from leaving the company.


A top-performing employee helps the organization reach new heights.

Ways to retain top performing employee:

Don’t change their expectations:

Every worthy employee knows their job and does not need to be told about it. Also, no one likes change, especially when it comes as a surprise. An employee functions in a certain way because s/he knows what is expected of him. By changing the expectations and giving them a new task, it can create unhealthy stress which might affect the productivity of a good employee.

Give more opportunities

A top performer will never work just for money. S/he expects to learn and grow in a job. Providing opportunities to learn further is one of the best ways to retain a good employee. No one wants to remain stagnant throughout their work life, especially if the person knows their worth. The moment s/he feels that there is nothing new to look forward to, they start looking for others places to work at, where they can get more opportunities. The company can send a worthy employee for skill training and coaching. Organizations can even take steps to reimburse the amount paid by the employee on joining particular training classes. Apart from that, the company can make them head small departments or train new-comers. This way, the top performer will realize that the company wants him/her to grow as a person.

Offer financial rewards

It is good to praise a worthy employee when s/he works hard. But, just praising is not the only way to see to it that the employee does not leave the job. The best employee doesn’t need to just hear it but also be able to get benefits from it. Meaning, the company must give tangible rewards that make the employee feel obliged towards the company. Small gestures like adding a little extra to their salary or even giving them coupons for shopping purposes, works perfectly fine to let your employee know you are happy with them. This way, the top performing employee will realize that his work is being valued and would not dream of leaving the organization.


Communication is the basis of all relationships that we share with the outside world. When you have a valuable employee in your workplace, it is essential that you keep in touch with him/her and get to know whether things are going as s/he would like them to go. Oftentimes, an employee might be facing some troubles. It is always better to know what they feel. It is also important to know what the employee feels about his job and responsibilities. When you openly communicate, there are chances that the employee might have solutions as to how the company can do better and how s/he can contribute to it. Communication with smart employees is a must because it not only helps retain a good employee but also helps the company fair better.

Give a little freedom

A top performing employee will only be able to do their best if given a little freedom to do the things the way s/he wants. It is understandable that a company must follow certain rules. But, to impose them at the cost of having to cut down productivity is not advisable. By providing them a little freedom you are giving them an opportunity to grow and experiment. A top performing employee will utilize his/her freedom in the best way possible and this, in turn, helps gain best results.

Hire a damn good HR professional

This is an essential requirement in order to retain top performing employee. If you had one good HR right now, you would not have had to refer to us. A good HR Professional can guide your employees in the right direction and also help build an environment where everyone strives to do their best. An HR’s is as important as a boss. The boss may not be able to come down and take out time for each and every employee. Therefore an HR professional is hired to do the same and know whether the employees face any trouble or are able to work properly. It is not easy to come by top performing employees all the time. But a good HR professional can always help you not only employ one but, also retain him/her.

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