Companies That Offer Tuition Assistance To Employees

Do you wish to work and also learn a new skill or get a college degree? If yes, then you are in luck! There are many companies nowadays which give tuition assistance to their employees to learn a skill or complete a college degree while working for their organization. Some of the companies that provide tuition assistance to their employees include:

Tuition Assistance Programs for Employees

Sage Therapeutics

The organization offers industry-standard tuition assistance for their employees. The organization values its every member and their efforts for the company, which is why they provide efficient tuition facilities for the employees. The benefits provided by this organization are fruitful for its workers.


In this organization, eligible full-time workers can take admission in programs to complete their undergraduate studies from an accredited four-year college. The plans under the company reimburse up to $5,250 every year, and effectively covers the tuition fees, course-related expenses, application fees and also textbook costs.


This organization provides industry standards tuition assistance for the employees in addition to excellent benefits and good salaries.


The benefits package from this company is excellent in addition to the industry standard tuition assistance.


The efficient tuition assistance facilities provided by this company can be testified by the 3.3 ratings it received from the employees who have benefitted from it. The benefits account up to $5,000 every year.

Kaiser Permanente

If an employee in this organization works a least of 20 hours a week, they get $3,000 every year and $500 every year can also be used for educational costs of the person. The organization provides $2000 every year as tuition assistance.


This organization encourages its employees to continue and complete school and also grow within the industry. Due to this, the organization provides efficient tuition assistance program for around 280 business colleges the employees choose.


The organization provides 100% tuition assistance for its employees in addition to excellent benefits and an efficient working scenario.


The efficient tuition assistance facilities by Monsanto can be testified by the 3.7 ratings given by the employees. The facilities, however, are available for only U.S. based employees. The company offers detail tuition assistance for both undergraduates as well as graduate-level programs.


Whirlpool offers around $10,000 as tuition assistance for its employees.


The organization cares for its employees and seeks to create a learning ground for them, which is why efficient tuition assistance for its employees.


The organization provides around $10,000 tuition assistance of the full-time employees and $5,000 amount for the part-time employees. The company also offers a comprehensive and excellent benefits package for the employees in addition to healthcare coverage and occasional perks for the employees.

Blue Shield of California

The organization provides reimbursement of around 75% of the tuition expenses to the employees. It accounts for $5,250 for its full-time employees and $2,625 for part-time employees each year.

PNC Financial Services Group

The organization provides $5,200 every year as tuition assistance for the business-related degrees. The organization also has an excellent bank-training program for the employees and also provides comprehensive benefits and wages.

Sargent & Lundy

The company provides efficient industry standards for tuition assistance for the employees. They have a superb benefits package which is regularly reviewed and improved for its employees. There are also many options provided to the employees to cover their needs.

Carilion Clinic

This organization offers efficient tuition assistance, in addition to retirement savings and pension plans for the employees. Additionally, there are also other benefits like savings instructor, wellness discounts as well as incentives, childcare facilities and employee assistance programs, among others. The office also has an excellent orientation program, educational opportunities, healthcare facilities and an efficient working environment for the employees.

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